Mullen Five RS high-performance electric SUV 

Mullen Five RS

In the eerie corridors of automotive anticipation, a dark presence stirs—the enigmatic Mullen’s Five RS, an electric SUV with a taste for high-performance mystique. Set against the backdrop of the United States, this vehicular phantom is slated to materialize in the shadows of 2025.


A Whisper of Power

Mullen’s all-wheel-drive apparition, the Five RS, hides its secrets beneath a cloak of a two-speed transmission. With a hunger for over 1000 horsepower, it seeks to breach the veil of conventionality, boasting a 0-60 mph acceleration that defies reason in under 2 seconds. A top speed, shrouded in mystery, looms over 200 mph. Mullen divination foretells a range of up to 300 miles, fueled by an 800-volt electrical architecture capable of a dark ritual—charging from zero to 80 percent in a mere 20 minutes.

A Pact with Performance

Mullen’s pact with the supernatural extends to the sportier variant—the Five RS. In its arsenal, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive incantation, aiming for supremacy with over 1000 horsepower and more than 850 pound-feet of torque. This spectral four-seater, weighing in at around 4.5 tons, threatens to breach the earthly realm with a 0-60 mph acceleration that rivals the most malevolent supercars. A two-speed transmission, akin to the mystical Porsche Taycan, fuels the RS’s ambition to haunt the roads at a top speed eclipsing 200 mph.


Visual Haunting and Track-Ready Hex

The Five RS, not content with blending into the mundane, emerges as a visual specter challenging even the grandeur of legendary supercars. Cloaked in 21-inch wheels on summer rubber, it haunts the asphalt with optional 22-inch apparitions, available in widths of 9.5 or 11 inches. The conjuration continues with a braking incantation—six-piston Brembo front calipers embracing 15.7-inch two-piece carbon-ceramic rotors. The rear, guarded by four-piston calipers and 14.6-inch rotors, promises to summon a halt from 62 mph in a sinister 110 feet.

The Dimension of the Abyssal Chariot

Stretching 193.0 inches from stem to stern, standing at 64.0 inches in unholy height, with 6.7 inches of malevolent ground clearance—the Five RS commands a sinister presence. Its width of 80.0 inches, paired with a 116.0-inch wheelbase, casts an imposing yet spectral silhouette. The cargo volume, a dark enchantment, ranges from 26 cubic feet with raised rear seats to a cavernous 62 cubic feet with the seats concealed—an abyssal offering.

The Occult Tech and Features

Enveloped in an 800-volt electrical architecture, the Five RS cradles a 100.0-kWh battery pack—an occult energy source. Though the nature of this power remains shrouded—whether gross or net—it is rumored to provide up to 300 miles of driving range. Charging, a ritual of dark magic, allows the RS to ascend from zero to 80 percent in about 20 minutes, showcasing the potency of its arcane energy.


Within the confines of the Five RS, racy materials and a dashboard dominated by two expansive digital displays transport occupants into a realm of automotive necromancy. A center console, evocative of a magical barrier, separates front and rear passengers. Seats, designed for security during diabolical cornering, promise a journey of unholy comfort. U.S. models bear witness to a standard panoramic sunroof, customizable ambient lighting, a “premium” sound system, and familiar infotainment features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. An AI-based voice assistant adds a layer of ghostly interaction.


Mullen Pact with the Unknown

For those unfamiliar with the enchanter Mullen, it is a shadowy entity dwelling in Southern California. In the ominous year of 2022, it seized control of Bollinger Motors, another sorcerer dabbling in commercial electric vehicles. The sinister tale unfolded with the revelation of the regular Five SUV in the same year, initially slated for sale in 2024. However, the murky chronicle has taken an unexpected turn, with the Five RS poised to emerge first, ushering in an era of vehicular malevolence.

Pricing, a secret locked in the cryptic vault of Mullen‘s sorcery, remains undisclosed. Whispers from Mullen’s harbinger, David Michery, suggest a starting price around $295,000, with a special carbon-fiber edition demanding an otherworldly price of approximately $385,000. As the spectral energies surrounding these figures linger, we await confirmation from the elusive spokesperson of Mullen, ready to unveil more secrets from this unholy tale. The haunting saga of Mullen’s Five RS continues, promising revelations and spectral encounters in the unfolding chapters of automotive necromancy.