How to Use Ozium in a Car

How to use Ozium

Are you embarrassed by bad smell in the car? It may be related to smoking, food, pets or something else. No matter the reason, you just want to get rid of it quickly.

But how would you do it? Perhaps the idea of a conventional air freshener may cross your mind, but this won’t fix anything. It will not last long, and it can also make the odor grow by adding more chemicals to the air.

What you require is an air-cleansing product which kills odor causing bacteria. That’s where Ozium comes in.
Ozium is a germicide that eliminates disagreeable odors from cars, houses, offices or any other places. It is not like other air fresheners that only mask the smell. In actual fact, it cleans the air and eliminates bacteria responsible for causing odor.

But, how does one use Ozium in a car efficiently? In this article, we are going to demonstrate two simple ways of accomplishing that. We will also provide you with some recommendations and warnings to use Ozium safely and in the right way.

What is Ozium?

First of all, we should understand what Ozium is and how it works before getting into the details about using Ozium in a car.

Ozium is an aerosol formulation, which has another trade name Medo Zoom Glycolized Air Sanitizer. It contains two active ingredients: triethylene glycol and propylene glycol². These are powerful sanitizers that eliminate bacteria and germs from the air.
Ozium is also a scented product that comes in various types, which include original, vanilla, citrus country fresh and new car. You can select one that suits your taste.

Ozium sprays the fine mist of product in the air. The condensation then covers the odor molecules and counteracts their effectiveness. It also eliminates the bacteria that are responsible for emitting odor. This leaves a car that smells clean and new.

How to use Ozium

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How to Use Ozium Spray in a Car

It can be used to apply Ozium spray in a car using either of the two methods. It can be sprayed within or outside your car. Both methods work, but they have pros and cons. Let’s find out how to carry each of them.

Method 1: Spray inside Your Car

This approach is suitable for those who need to clean a car quickly and eliminate the smell immediately. On the other hand, you should never be inside your car while spraying Ozium as it may cause an adverse reaction to your health. Here’s how to do it:

  • Ensure that your car is empty. Make sure you are not in the car when spraying Ozium. Additionally, ensure that all pets and plants are removed from the vehicle.
  • Clean your car first. To wipe everything in your car, use a microfiber towel and an interior cleaner. Remove any dirt or dust that is causing the bad smell. One can also apply a vacuum cleaner to remove any crumbs or particles.
  • Get the Ozium can and shake well. This will blend the ingredients and prime the product for use.
  • It is advisable to hold the spray with one hand and directing your nozzle away from you. To ensure it is not pointing at any people, pets or plants around.
  • Try to spray Ozium intermittently in your car. Begin at the back and end up in front. Spray the seats, floorboards, dash board, steering wheel as well as any other points covering odorous. Do not over spray since it may cause staining or destroy the material.
  • Shut the doors and windows of your automobile, allow Ozium to work for 15 minutes. Do not step inside your vehicle while Ozium will cause irritation in the eyes, nose throat or skin. Avoid the car and do not breathe in Ozium mist.
  • Fifteen minutes later, ventilate your car and leave the doors open for another fifteen minutes. This will create an opportunity to let the Ozium disperse and circulate fresh air. Alternatively, you can switch on the fan or AC to quicken things up.
    Enjoy the fresh and deodorized car. This can be done as often as necessary, in accordance with the intensity of odor and recurrence.

Method 2: Spray outside Your Car

This method is good if you want to avoid exposure to Ozium and its possible side effects. Yet, this method does not work as well to help you get rid of the stench entirely from your car since it may fail to deal with all places where bad smells are coming. Here’s how to do it
Park it in a place with good ventilation. Ensuring that space around your car is free from people, pets and plants.
Clean your car first. Use the same steps as above for wiping down and vacuuming your car interior.
Take the Ozium spray and shake it well. Point the pressure nozzle away from you; hold it in one hand to spray.
Use Ozium to spray into the air intake of your vehicle. This is the exhaust or vent that is seen on your car either under its windshield or near its hood. This will enable the Ozium to access your car through ventilation of pretend to reach point where odor emits from.

  • Switch on your car and then turn up the fan or AC to maximum. This will ensure that the Ozium is spread in your car and disinfects the air. Ensure that the windows are shut and recirculation mode is enabled.
  •  Make Ozium work for 15 minutes. Do not go into your car during this period because the Ozium could because you eye, nose, throat and skin irritations. Distance yourself from the car and do not inhale Ozium mist.
  • In fifteen minutes, switch off your car and open the windows. Air it for another 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can activate the fan or AC to hasten cooling.
  • Relish this fragrant and clean-smelling automobile. The procedure can be repeated as often as needed based on the severity of the odor or its recurrence.

Tips and Warnings for Using Ozium in Car

Ozium is a concentrated solution that successfully kills odor in your car. But it also accompanied by some risks and precautions that you need to know here are some tips and warnings for using Ozium in a car:

  • Read and strictly follow the instructions on the label. Since Ozium is flammable and dangerous, its use should be careful. Do not treat this drug near fire, heat or sparks. The can should not be punctured nor incinerated. Store it away from high temperatures or direct sunlight. It should not be sprayed on painted, plastic or leathery surfaces. In foods, drinks or utensils do not spray it.
  • Do not use Ozium often but only when necessary. Ozium should never be used as an air freshener. It is a powerful disinfectant and should only be used for the purpose of destroying bacterial or smoky odors. Do not exceed once a week, or more than is necessary. Excessive Ozium may result in health issues or damaged car interior.
  • Not interact with oxygen and its fog. Irritation, allergy or asthma may arise if Ozium comes into contact with your eyes, nose throat skin or lungs. When you or anyone else is in the car, do not spray Ozium. Do not drive your car until the Ozium has gone and there is a good air movement in it. In case of inadvertent Ozium spraying on yourself or when breathing it, wash the affected skin surface with water and go to a doctor if necessary.
  •  Children and pets should be kept away from Ozium. If a child or pet swallows Ozium, it may be deadly. Never store the Ozium can in a vehicle or other place where children and pets could find it. In the case when a child or pet has ingested or inhaled Ozium, contact a poison control center of veterinarian immediately.

One can use Ozium, a great product that will help you eliminate bad smell from your car. It does so by deodorizing the air and killing odor causing bacteria. However, one should take care in using it correctly to avoid any difficulties or side effects.

Two ways of using Ozium in a car include spraying it inside or outside the car. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages that is why you are free to select the best for yourself. Nevertheless, just be sure to read these guiding steps and tips which we have provided in this piece.

We hope our article was helpful and informative. Nevertheless, if you still have questions or some comments, please do not hesitate to share them below. Further, if you found value in this content, we request you to forward it your family members and friends for them to explore its contents.

Thank you for reading and drive carefully!