what does rv stand for

Are you a travel lover? Or are you planning to travel with your family across the country? Then probably you must be aware of what does RV stand for.

Suppose you need to travel and explore more about the country with your loved ones. It is okay if you can stay in hotels or cabanas at your destinations. But what happens if your destinations are unable to provide such living stations for you? You might be in trouble related to staying. But with the RVs, you can solve the matter with ultimate confidence and marvelous experiences. We will take you on a journey with RVs with this article.

All you need to know about Recreational Vehicles

The shortest and completed answer for the question is RV is a type of motor vehicles that provides enough living quarters inside it with basic living components. RV is the famous and common name abbreviation for those vehicles. So, now you can come up with a common question of what are those RVs? If so, now you are in the right place to take all the answers for what you have in your mind regarding them. So, let’s started with the beginning of RVs.

Luxury Recreational Vehicle - what does rv mean
Luxury Recreational Vehicle – Credits (Togo RV on Unsplash)

What does RV mean?

RV means Recreational Vehicles where motor vehicles can meet with living facilities. You can buy or rent those motor vehicles or motor homes according to your preferences. The most important thing is, you just need to identify your needs related to what does RV stand for before making your decision.

What does RV mean at the essentials to be a recreational vehicle?

This vehicle is something we cannot give an exact answer for overall. Because if you ask this question from several people, you may receive several different answers from each one of them. So, it is more effective to consider what are the basic features include in those vehicles.

–         The vehicle should have an engine to move on, or it should have a loop to pull by another vehicle.

–         It needs to provide a certain place as an accommodation to the people who travel in it.

what does rv stand for - Family and friends camping around the fire
Family and friends camping around the fire – Credits (Togo RV on Unsplash)

Most important things you may pay attention to before choosing a recreational vehicle

In this case, you need to identify your needs well. Every RV in the market cannot give what exactly you want. But at least their supply must reach the minimum level of your requirement. Otherwise, your renting or purchasing will be a complete waste. So, we will see the basic parameters.

–         What is your purpose for buying RVs?

–         Your budget for RVs?

–         Where will you plan to go with it?

–         Who are you travelling with?

After considering the above facts, you can conclude what RV mean before buying or renting the most suitable Recreational vehicle for your travel.

Types of Recreational Vehicles

With the expansion of science and technology, the spreading of these recreational vehicles is larger. So, now there are several types of Recreational vehicle in the market. For your references, we will mention the most common and famous vehicle models in this article. All you need to do is carefully go through the article to get those facts clearly for differentiation. Once you have got them all, you can find the best RV for your need. Now we will start an overview of those different types of RVs in common.

Class A motorhomes

These Class A motorhomes take first place in the RV market. They are the largest and most luxurious motorhomes globally. Are you asking their size? Well, their size is ranging from 22 feet to 46 feet. So, the width range to 8 feet. Generally considering this Class A type is ideal for those who travel with bigger families or bigger groups of friends. Also, they are effectively working on people who like to travel for a long period with long journeys. At last, this type is ideal for those who are seeking a mobile life with a group.

Class A motorhomes - types of recreational vehicles
Class A motorhomes – Credits (Thor Motor Coach, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

When talking about the price, the lowest limit is $60,000 in the market. But with the additional changes and customized changes, the price will increase 100 times as the introductory price. So it is clear that the increment of the price will increase the luxury amenities.

A look into the glamorous inside of this Class A motorhomes

Class A luxury motorhomes give you a whole comfortable living experience while you travel. These coaches may include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living area with sofas, a dining table, a television, a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator and other facilities like washing machines and drying. So you can call this type of motor homes Self-contained RVs because you can survive in the motor home without using outer facilities.

When speaking about power, This Class As can generate its power either by generators or by the solar system. So you don’t have to plug the vehicle to charge it up. And some models come with slide-out sections to add more space to your motorhome. Some slide-out sections can make entire separate master bedrooms also.

Engine type of this Class A s

You can find these luxury motor homes either with gasoline or diesel engines.

Gas engine models obtain a lot of space in the basement of the vehicle. So, you can use this area also as extra storage. Another advantage is this model is available at comparatively low prices than the diesel engine models.

At the point of diesel engines, those engines can generate more power to your Class A. So, without an issue, you can customize your motor vehicle with an extra refrigerator, extra bathrooms and other luxury facilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of Class A motorhomes

Class A motorhomes obtain a lot of advantages over others.

–         These coaches provide a lot of space for bigger groups of people to travel with.

–         You can feel the luxury feeling inside the vehicle with all the comfort.

–         You will never feel missing the home.

–         A perfect mind relaxation environment.

–         Huge space for storages and other luxury appliances.

Let’s see what the disadvantages of this motor vehicle are.

–         Price of purchasing, renting, insuring, and maintenance cost is high in this vehicle.

–         Drive should have a special driving license, and he should have special training on driving.

–         Fuel economy is low. Therefore, not an economically friendly one.

–         This may require at least 50-amp hookups in the campground.

–         You cannot use narrow or hiking off-road to drive this vehicle.

–         You have to pack all the luxury utilities in the vehicle even not in use. Because your neighbourhood might not be allowed to park the vehicle in streets when it is not in use.

–         The vehicle is ideal only for short, wide and direct roads with fewer turns and bends.

–         Once you based on a camping ground, it may take a longer time to clear up all the things before you leave.

Something on Class B motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are more likely to vans. They come with a full range of van framework with raised roof. Because of this raised roof, this vehicle can be called a camper van. Also, this is the travel size version of the Class A model. Even they are considered the basic level of camper vans, and they can provide the necessary comfort and other facilities to you.

The size is ranging from 17 to 19 feet. You might come with an awful situation regarding the size of the van compared to Class A. So, let’s look at the inside of this camper van for its organizing pattern.

Class B Motorhome - types of recreational vehicles
Class B Motorhomes – Credits (Jake Stone on Unsplash)

When speaking about the price of this motorhome model, it costs $40,000 to 80,000. So, this is a very affordable motor vehicle for middle-class families who do not have children or elders to make bigger families or bigger group of friends.

Inside of Class B motorhomes

These small size camper vans use nautical technology to use the small space efficiently. So, they can come up with a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink into one stall. And the kitchen end with a sink, small cooktop and minimal counter space. Even those units are small, and they work well.

The bedrooms have queen-sized mattress and sleeping areas because they use to fold the sofas to sleep. Suppose your Class B motorhome obtains a sofa and dining table with few stools. You can fold them for making a comfortable bed for one or two people easily.

Most of their furniture is equipped with folding abilities. It allows them to make more space inside the van. In addition, some modern Class B motor vehicles come with a slide outdoors for making extra space. Then you can easily slide out both sides of the vehicle to make larger sleeping areas even for six peoples.

But you cannot use much space for the storage, entertaining equipment and other facilities like washing machine and dryers.

The fuel efficiency of the model B

We will focus on the advantages first.

This is an extremely economically friendly vehicle.

–         Buying or renting price and maintenance cost is comparatively low.

–         You don’t need much time to repack the vehicle when you need to move.

–         You can use narrow paths for rides.

–         The required camping space is low.

–         You don’t need a special driving license or driving training for these model vehicles.

But also, there are some disadvantages in this class B

–         You will end up with a tight space of living.

–         No more spaces for storages.

–         Even you can ride with more people, and you cannot find comfort with more people other than two people.

–         There is no space for luxury appliances as a Class A model.

Class C motorhome?

Class C motorhomes are made with the combination of the best features from Class A and Class B. So, this vehicle may not fail you by the bigger size. Also, this can give the facilities what you are looking for more than Class B.

At the exterior look, you can see a truck or van chassis after modification of the motorhome. When talking about the vehicle’s size, it ranges from 20 feet to 40 feet in length. So, this is a medium-sized camper vehicle for those who seek a considerable space inside it but not a huge tank.

This model costs $50,000 to 100,00, making it more affordable for bigger families but a low budget compared to Class A.

Class C Motor Homes
Class C Motor Homes – Credits (Togo RV on Unsplash)

What are at the inside of Class C?

Collectively more space means more facilities and more amenities inside the vehicle. So, this can give you separate toilet and shower facilities, a kitchen with sufficient seating area and two bedrooms. In addition, you can increase the seating capacity and sleeping capacity by opening multiple slides out options. Like others, this motorhome also provides several extra sleeping facilities by folding the dining tables, sofas, and chairs according to the situation.

Class C obtains two doors compared to Class A, a selective one for the driver and another for passengers. This model also provides space for television, a washing machine and even for a dryer also.

This vehicle is ideal for camping parties as well. Because this provides enough cooking and gathering facilities more than Class B.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this Class C model?

Let’s consider advantages at first glance.

–         More affordable recreational vehicle for those who have bigger families.

–         Gives more spaces with enough facilities.

–         Considerable fuel economy.

–         The space is nicely organized to make enough to even parties.

–         Gives more space for storages.

–         You can easily pack up while leaving.

Then what are the disadvantages?

–         Literary high in price compared to Class B.

–         Sometimes driving can be difficult because of the heavy vehicle.

–         Low in power at the engine. So cannot pull another vehicle.

–         Still, this needs more camping area to stand.

Trailer vehicle classes

In this model, you see a difference other than previous classes. Here, the trailer is available in a different setup. It obtains a hook, or something can pull. And it is towed by another vehicle like a car, van, or truck. Depending on the size and the weight of the trailer, the type of towing vehicle is changed. But be sure when selecting your vehicle whether it is rated or not in the exercise.

These trailers give you exactly what you need in life as travelers. You can find them starting from simple models that give you the essentials only to full amenities for a luxury life. The full range of amenities includes full setup kitchens and bathrooms plus refrigerators and heaters.

But among all those, the most important thing is the convenience of the traveler. All you need is to unhitch the trailer from the towing vehicle. Then you can go for camp sitting and view sighting easily with the small vehicle without worrying about the heavy tank behind. So, this setup is very famous among travelers.

Depending on the type of back trailer, there are several classes. Let’s see a few of the leading trailer classes in common.

Fifth wheel campers

Fifth-wheel campers use a fifth wheel hitch instead of the hitch retriever on the trailer. The fifth wheel extends over the rear of the towing vehicle and mounts at the bottom of the trailer. This setup gives better leverage from the centre, which makes the better handling of the travel trailer. This mechanism also makes the trailer closer to the towed vehicle.

Because of this special fitched camper style, a turbo-diesel truck works brilliantly as a towed vehicle. If not, it will badly affect your towed vehicle.

Fifth wheel campers
Fifth wheel campers – Credits (NeONBRAND on Unsplash)
What is inside of the fifth wheel camper?

In the recreational car market, Class A considered the most luxurious RV. Same as that, fifth-wheel campers are considered the most comfortable RV in the market. Because they are larger and separate from the driving area, they can give better space and facilities to make your life more comfortable. And this one also very close to the Class A model in length.

This separate trailer can provide enough space for separate bedrooms, separate bathrooms, a wide living area and more entertainment amenities as you wish. So, you can get together with your loved one without worrying about the space at all. Also, the slide-out feature gives you an added space too.

Good and bad of these fifth-wheel campers

What are the bad sides of this model

–         This model requires a special towed vehicle and special hitch requirements, which can be more expensive.

–         Because of the huge space, you must need more camping area.

–         Taking on the road might be a problem in traffics, roads with bends and narrow roads.

Let’s see the good sides of Fifth wheel campers

–         This model can provide enough space for your amenities.

–         You can go on long journeys with longer times as groups.

–         Gives more than a standard trailer.

Pop-up campers / Small recreational vehicles

When speaking about the small recreational vehicles, these pop-up campers come to the topic. In the recreational market, they considered the smallest recreational vehicle.

Pop up Campers
Pop up Campers – Credits (Leo Foureaux on Unsplash)
Inside of this small recreational vehicle

Because of the small space, you can come with an idea of a very tiny internal space at them. But it is not. These vehicles have come up with a lot more space management systems to consume their small space efficiently. Because there is no space for driving, they can use whole internal space for your living.

So, they come with very handsome kitchen management systems, a single but organized bathroom shelf and a mini living area. But you can fold the tables, sofas, and chairs to make the living area an extra sleeping area. Also, it gives access to Slide-out openings for added space, the same as others.

Good and bad of this smaller one

This vehicle can be handled easily. Plus, the maintenance is also low. You can go anywhere without worrying about the size. Either small routes or roots with a lot of bends are no more effect harmfully to the vehicle. When talking about the price, this is more affordable than others.

Disadvantages are also common to other small vehicles. The main thing is the common space inside. So, you cannot live comfortably as same as your home.

Truck campers – Another special motor home

These are special trailers that is completely packed on a truck. So, you cannot figure out wheels other than the wheels of the towed vehicle. If you are looking at a fishing hike, wood hike where leaving footprint is a little difficult; these truck campers work on you.

Truck Campers
Truck Campers – Credits (Gillfoto, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

You cannot use these truck campers for longer journeys with a huge group of people. But suppose you are going for a day out with your kids, then this is a good idea. You can open up the top roof to create a comfortable bed. And there is a small kitchenlet, a place for dry and wet bath, and that’s it. It makes the vehicle ideal for short time outings for a family.

But when you need to go somewhere for a hike or an observation journey with another person, this model will also fit you. But you cannot expect many facilities inside this little space. The slide-out and convertible open roof will make a comfortable bed, dining area and sofa for two persons.

Toy Hauler

This special type of vehicle is made mainly focusing by sports enthusiasts in the world. At the exterior, this takes the large size of Class A motorhomes. But internally, absolutely not.

Inside of this amazing model

The most special compartment of the Toy Hauler is the large garage. Half the space of the trailer consumes this garage. Why a people need a garage in a vehicle?

The answer is simple. If you are a motorbike rider? Snow bike rider? Or off-road lover? Then there should be a proper method to transport your riding vehicle to the riding place properly. So, this motor model gives the exact solution for this purpose. First, you can pack up your riding vehicle into the Toy Hauler garage and go for riding. Then once finishing it, you can repack up your dirty vehicles to take home without issues.

Toy Hauler
Toy Hauler – Credits (Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash)

Also, there is a front space in the trailer for a small but equipped kitchen, living area and a bedroom. Of course, same as the others, you can slide out to expand the space when you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of this model

You can see so many good sides in this model.

–         You can go anywhere without worrying about your hiking vehicle.

–         Enough space for a group of people.

–         Sufficient luxury amenities and facilities inside the vehicle.

–         You can use the garage space as extra bedding and seating area if the garage is not working.

Then what are the bad effects?

–         You need to find a bigger vehicle with enough power to tow the trailer with huge weight plus the internal garage.

–         Purchasing and maintenance cost is high.

–         Your dirty riding vehicle and its chemicals and oils will ruin the internal atmosphere of the trailer.

–         Due to the bigger size, the vehicle cannot move through narrow roads and roads with many bends.

Teardrop Campers at last

At last, this small recreational vehicle comes to the topic. Same as the meaning of the name, this trailer exactly looks like a teardrop. However, thanks to this special shape of the trailer, this model has a lot more inner space.

What inside of this teardrop?

Inside, the trailer has basic amenities that can complete your RV lifestyle. But the difference is they are not packed like truck campers. Because it has an amazing space organizing facility, also it provides enough shelter when parking. So ideal for small outdoor parties or get-togethers also.

Teardrop Campers
Teardrop Campers – Credits (Donald Giannatti on Unsplash)
Advantages and disadvantages of this teardrop

What is the bad?

–         Less amount of space for your living. A very common problem of every small recreational vehicle.

–         It is not good for longer journeys and trips with more people.

What is good?

–         You can buy or rent this model for an affordable price.

–         A less camping area for this model.

–         Maintenance cost is very low.

–        It ideal for a small group of people.

–         Because of the low weight, you can use any vehicle ranging from motorbike to SUV for towing this trailer.

RV manufactures around the world

Not every company can manufacture this incredible creature as per your preferences. So you need to know who can manufacture those globally with the correct answers for the state of what does RV stand for. Here, we will focus on the top five RV manufacturers around the world. Those manufacturers grew over decades in this vehicle industry by adjusting the customer needs with time. This ranking based on innovation, revenue, and brand power.

Which RV manufacturers are rated best? Is Forest River Inc.?

This company is one of the best manufacturers in the United States of America, which started in 1996. They have a whole range of recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, utility trailers, pontoon boats and buses. Today the group of Forest River Inc. consists of approximately 90000 members. They obtain the below types of vehicles.

–         Luxury class C and superclass C motorhomes.

–         Class A motorhomes.

–         Wide range of trailer campers

What about Oliver travel trailers

This company making RV realize what does RV stand for to the world. the best RV manufactures in the market. The company was started in 2007. Today Oliver travel trailers able to produce a wide range of RVs, including fiberglass travel trailers. They obtain,

–         Luxury fiberglass travel trailers

–         RVs.

–         Trailer campers

–         Truck campers

Is Thor industries suit for which RV manufacturers are rated best?

Thor Industries is one of the earliest RV manufacturers in the world. It was created in 1980. Although it has taken 3rd place in the list still, it gives the answer for which RV manufacturers are rated best? Because it is all about the quality of vehicles that they are making. They have,

–         Airstream

–         Heartland RV

–         Dutchman

–         Hymer

–         Thor Motorcoach

Another one of them – Coachmen RV

Well, this company is the earliest manufacturer in this vehicle industry. Coachmen RV came with a journey of 50 years that can guarantee the customer trust for their products. Their common motorhome models are,

–         Class A, B and C motorhomes.

–         Fifth wheels

–         Toy haulers

–         Campers

Which RV manufacturers are rated best? Is Entegra Coach?

Entegra Coach is a modern RV manufacturer started in 2008. This company focuses on luxury motorhomes manufacturing upon the preferences of the customer. They have a whole range of,

–         Luxury diesel motorhomes.

–         Class A and C luxury motorhomes.

Now you can compare the above top five manufacturers to get the answer to which RV manufacturers are rated best?

At last you can come up an idea about what does RV stand for travelers. So, think wisely before you made your choice.


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