coming up land cruiser 200 versus patrol on heavy tow capacity plus some interesting feedback from you in the comments the education system really does leave some people behind tragically

I’m Chathura Wanasinghe from dot I you the place where stallion new car buyers save thousands off their brand new cars hit me up on the website buy that yesterday I answered a viewers question on heavy towing with Nissan Patrol linka whatever doing this was tantamount of course to approving a bunch of visas at the dumb shit city limits why pick on me son do Land Cruiser 200 it’s not much better or Ranger or Hilux Rob Rob punctuation mate full stops question marks posture fees proper nouns so seemingly complex and yet these and of course our thumbs and online porn are what sets us apart from the frickin chimps mate is it really that hard to pay vestigial attention perhaps.

I don’t know every second day at school fifteen words eight grammatical errors all of which I would expect a median twelve-year-old to get right that’s more than one error for every two words made so well done protip and you’ll probably need both brain cells online for this it’s not an example of me picking on poor old knee son. when I point out patrols towing capabilities and limitations that’s an example of me providing facts in the public interest so that consumers can make an informed decision and hopefully presenting it in something of an entertaining way still this is not a bad idea from Rob I think you’d agree it’s just a very badly expressed kind of a good idea.

2020 Nissan PATROL – The Legendary 4WD SUV 
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so we will shortly do Land Cruiser vs. patrol on heavy towing do try to keep up not that you’re brave enough to actually read your comments but may do you blighting everyman comments as bow he has no knowledge does not make you the Oracle what do you recommend dude say attending trial in light of dawn bullying 12 under ties each way what would you suggest be honest with yourself, the Nissen would nail it you’re a joker oh I could spend all my super on some stupid shiny Toyota to do the same job pretty safe to say that Jake wasn’t all that actively engaged while at school either equally safe to presume I think that the gold bullion hauling mission is not but a thought experiment because if you did in fact have a trailer full of gold you just charter a c-130 and some mercenaries I mean I know I would still Jake is right I am a joker and certainly not the Oracle the Oracle was a black woman if my memory of the matrix remains accurate after all these years and I’m only ever a black woman when I am coming off a benzodiazepine bender Jake went on somewhat combative Lee in my view yes in a predicament need a decent tow vehicle which my internet would stop recommending you I look because it’s like watching a train wreck why do you feel the need to speak like everyone else is dopey what I gather from your talk is that you don’t have a fraction of actual experience.

I respect if this is your career wait just heard you address the topic sure use a track what if it’s a one-of job Jake mate I too sincerely wish that your internet would stop recommending me I knew we would eventually reach some point of commonality and this is of course why humans invented dialog in the first place and I agree it is a problem if it’s a one-off job I mean one-off jobs are a problem because you certainly couldn’t just by a Corolla and contact one of the several thousand freights companies in the nation and pay them using the money you save on this cheaper conveyance to transport whatever one of at a fraction of the cost of either heavy tow vehicle I guess I do sometimes speak as if everyone is let’s be kind kinda dopey mainly because I see many comments of this nature and I see that people like this remain free to breed and vote .

I really do think this leads to a suboptimal outcome for the gene pool over long term and I am not alone it was Winston Churchill himself after all who opined that a powerful argument indeed against democracy could be framed after just a five-minute chat with the average voter why no mention of that so we heard of paying the bills this month patrols are selling better all the time and so many issues with cruisers must be making Toyota nervous it is something of a poor outcome when those testes remain undescended isn’t it Toyota sole just shy of 14,000 Land Cruisers last year that was the waggons Nissan sold just under 2000 patrols.

so it’s hardly a fair fight is it safe to say Toyota is not all that nervous mean at least not yet but Land Cruiser sales are flat whereas patrol was up about 700 units compared with 2018 as for Toyota or any other car maker paying my bills not so much not at all actually and after the reaming I have given Toyota over the past I don’t know two years or something the king of mediocrity and dreamed for the deplorable epidemic of failures of its dps in Hilux Fortuna and Prado and of course the ongoing dusting issues with the Land Cruiser I guess we should throw in the ridiculous proposition embraced by Toyotas Shitsville referring to its customers as friggin guests a masterstroke of disgraceful and unnecessary upstream Japanese appeasement in my view after that I’m not exactly expecting their people to beat down my door to unload their fat stacks of cash damn it possibly when hell freezes over these unfounded accusations from the fake named they really are entertaining I mean who calls themselves Ozzy off-road not was Ozzy off-road imbecile already taken it makes you wonder doesn’t it let us take a quick sponsor break now and then crunch the numbers on these two big fat vehicles

the Ming moles there, of course, encapsulating in silicon everything which is pure and delightful about that car dealership experience when the Ming mole reaches over for the latex glove I know I’m in heaven where were we oh yes Patrol versus Land Cruiser let us a price point them each at about 100 grand on the road which would be patrol TI versus Land Cruiser 200 G XL and let us assume they’re both about to tow three and a half tons of trailer which imposes a 350kg download on the tow ball, in other words, the maximum possible towing assignment for both vehicles the objective here let us determine which has the superior payload capacity in this configuration two fat bastards.

2020 Nissan Patrol
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I’m talking about the vehicles now not you and your lovely wife but who will be the biggest loser on towing let’s find out we crunched the numbers on patrol yesterday, of course, a lot of people then said in the comments Land Cruiser was quote-unquote even worse if that’s true patrolled Ti has a gross vehicle mass of three and a half tons and a tare weight of two thousand seven hundred and fifteen kilos tare meaning empty except for ten liters of fuel and then of course you have to top off the rather large fuel tank in the Patrol which means adding 130 litres of gasoline for about 100 kilos then there’s the tow ball download which is absolutely part of the vehicles payload that would be three hundred and fifty kilos plus Nissan’s fudge factor for heavy towing which means we have to take another 130 kilos off the top if your tow ball down load is the maximum permitted 350 so the patrol rolls in with just 205kgs of remaining physical payload capacity which is pretty friggin anorexic when you consider that we’ve not yet added a single person to the vehicle nor bolted up a single accessory including a tow bar which is hardly optional in this case or added a single item of equipment like a toolbox or a bag with your personal items

such as Liberace’s AR and some spare ammo things of that nature can the Landcruiser d XL do any better I guess that’s the key question it kicks off with a lower gvm three thousand three hundred and fifty kilos and Toyota specifies curb weight when it talks about the cruiser unlike Nissan which uses tare weight a nice way to cook the books their curb weight the only difference is it includes a full fuel tank so that’s two thousand seven hundred and forty kilos for the GXL we do not, therefore, need to make adjustments for the fuel right nor is there a weight limit reducing fudge factor for heavy tow ball downloads from the big t so all we need to take off there is the three hundred and fifty kilos on the tow ball leaving us with two hundred and sixty kgs of remaining payload for you your fat companions your accessories and your onboard accouterment which is still quite bulimic if you ask me but it is 27 percent higher than the Nissan.

so to all of you who were too lazy and/or stupid to do the very simple research required to figure this out objectively and who pointed out uplifting ly yesterday in the comments that the Land Cruiser was quote-unquote even worse, I say with all due respect ie none bite me I stand by my earlier comments and I stand by the fact that towing more than 2.5 tons in vehicles such as these is a dangerous and impractical undertaking that defies logic and common sense if you wanted tow three and a half tons by yourself a proper truck perhaps this is just another example of me disrespectfully treating idiots as if they are somehow stupid how dare

I do such a thing in this the year of appeasement does everyone not deserve a medal just for turning up I ask you perhaps YouTube should shut me down for my antiquated and frankly offensive views on issues such as this I do look forward to taking some time off to work on the pilot of my new reality TV show dumb shit straya to where perhaps in between farmer once three wives Salt Lake City yes and morbidly obese naked news look me in the eye okay and tell me if the nightly news would not just be immense fun if it were presented in this way by the network’s people might start watching TV again but we wouldn’t want that


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