Mercedes vs BMW

Which one is best from Mercedes vs BMW? We thought it would be a lot of help if we could compare both for your proper selection. 

Both car models are supercars that can give higher performances. Also, they can provide a lot of comfort to the passenger. Sometimes they produce a lot of luxury amenities with the same features. Then you might get confused about which is the best for you. Therefore, the best thing is to go for a deeper comparison. Then you can come with a clear solution that can match your requirements.

BMW Vs Mercedes Reliability

Headquarters of BMW or Bavarian Motor Works company and Mercedes company or Daimler are situated in Germany. Over decades BMW can win the title of ultimate driving performance. When speaking about Mercedes, it won the title of interior comfort for the years. So, both models come towards the first place in the car market at the hand of reliability. But it is effective if you can go through the differences of both models.

Mercedes Vs BMW model varieties

Both car manufacturers have a variety of car models in the market. This wide variety can fulfil your preferences to the ultimate end.

What can you say about BMW?

When considering the BMW series, it has limousines, sports cars, hatchbacks, saloons, hybrids, and SUVs. It is also categorized as three series, five series and seven series. Surprisingly, each of these models has a competitor Mercedes model also. But the speciality is BMW has some unique models as BMW M line, L line, X, and Z4 series. At the point of those models, Mercedes has no corresponding competitor models to them. So, they are unique.

Mercedes title

On the hand of Mercedes, they include those similar models of BMW. Apart from them, Mercedes obtains some unique models such as station wagons, trucks, pickups, buses, smart cars, and vans. They include those vehicle types into several car classes. For example, they have class C, Class E, Class S and Class G with multiple-choice vehicle verities.

So, if you are looking for more vehicle verities, then obviously you need to go for Mercedes over BMW.

Mercedes AMG GTR
Mercedes AMG GTR – Credits: Flavien on Unsplash

Fuel Economy of BMW Vs Mercedes

If you are looking for a more fuel economy vehicle, you must go for BMW because they have lightweight and small engines. Because of the heavyweight and big engines, Mercedes’s consumer more fuel. So, if you try to make a more environmentally friendly vehicle, then BMW is the best.

BMW Vs Mercedes performances

Luckily, both vehicle types have high performances. Those high-end parts can last for years before any replacement activities. When talking about the BMW series, it has more high performing engines due to the wide varieties. If you need lightweight but high-performance engines, then the BMW M series, three series and X-5 SUVs are excellent because all the above types have small, light, and high-performance skills.

But once you need to higher and bigger types, you must go for Mercedes. They will give higher and heavier engine performance vehicle types.

Mercedes Vs BMW safety parameters

Safety is the foremost thing when you are about to buy a luxury vehicle. If there were not many safety features, then purchasing a luxury vehicle is not an ideal choice. Therefore, all luxury car brand manufactures pay attention to the safety precautions of the car.

Under this category, Benz came first among other models. It has PRE-SAFE technology for all its types. This specific PRE-SAFE technology system works for automatic brakes. When your car is in danger, and the sensor detects it, the PRE-SAFE system can emergency apply brakes to avoid the accident immediately. It makes the best solution for accidents and other unseen emergencies on the road. Also, when the night has come, the car automatically converts to the night view assist. It effectively protects your vehicle from hitting on unseen objects on roads in dark times. Darkness does not mean the night drive all the time. Heavy rain and a misty climate also make the dark environment. Those make the road visibly difficult even day times.

Also, the BMW model is set for high-security performance. It has its performance on the security side when the car faces an emergency. Their body shell is more robust to produce extra security on those occasions.

G20 BMW 330i ✖️ F80 BMW M3
G20 BMW 330i ✖️ F80 BMW M3 – Credits: Malusi Msomi on Unsplash

Mercedes Vs BMW – Technology

Obviously, Bavarian Motor Works and Daimler use the world latest innovative and exceptional technology for their motor vehicles. That is why both companies were able to run the supercar title over decades. With the time when all the cars are combined with technology, those companies came forward. Because of their intense scarification and continuous improvements of technology, they work over other supercars. It makes them lead the supercar market shares in the world.

BMW technology features

BMW model obtains an iDrive system that can control your vehicle by iPhone. You can use voice commands and gesture controls to operate your vehicle. The Head-up display in the front dashboard will make extra functionality and controls of your car.

Benz technology features

Benz is slightly competitive in technology terms than another model. It has its own M – brace system that can make the Benz models more outstanding. Those M – brace systems came with a lot of additional connectivity, entertainment, and security features. Also, you can control the car’s significant systems using your PC or smartphone. Thanks to this incredible system, you can get any update of your vehicle to your mobile device at any second. As you can see, this Benz technology feature took priority among other models.

What can you say about the BMW Vs Mercedes price

Because of the luxury brands, both models are expensive than a usual car. So, it would help if you had a rough idea regarding the price. Typically, their price range is $40,000 t0 $150,000. But it can change these amounts according to the features and functions of the car. Secondhand car prices will be lower more than the above values. If you are looking for more additional amenities, then obviously, the demand will be high.

But comparatively, Benz price is higher than MBW. Maybe this will happen because of the technological advance of the Benz. So, if you need a budget also a luxury car, then you must go for BMW. Also, its fuel economy is better than the Benz.

Mercedes Vs BMW quality

Several parameters can describe the term of quality. We will take you over basic facts that can determine the quality of the vehicle.

BMW vs Mercedes maintenance costs

When talking about the maintenance cost, the insurance cost is also added. Maintenance and insurance are essential facts for all motor vehicles. Maintenance will cover the well-being of the car for a longer time. And the insurance will give you extra security about the car from any threats. So, while driving your vehicle, both maintenance and insurance play essential roles behind the scenes.

At the point of BMW vs Mercedes maintenance costs, they cost higher than standard cars. Because they have super luxury spare parts, you must take good care of your car. Those luxury spare parts are high in price. But if you can take care of your luxury vehicle, you can use your supercar without replacing spare parts for decades. Insurance cost is also higher in values.

Do you need to compare those costs for both car models? Then obviously, both maintenance and insurance costs are higher in BMW than Mercedes because super luxury spare parts of BMW are rare to find and more expensive than the Benz.

Keep in mind that these supercars cannot use second hand or duplicate spare parts. If using those, they will badly affect other parts of the vehicle also.

The driving experience of both

Even both models are supercars; their driving experiences are different from each other.

Because BMW is lighter than the Benz, you can drive easier. Especially in the corners, you can take very smooth turns even you come with speed. Light but performed engines can tolerate the high speed also. So, you will feel the ultimate driving experience through this type of car.

When speaking about the Mercedes, you can have a sporty driving experience. It has manual gear transmission that let you take the sporty car version. Also, its big and heavy engines make the vehicle bulky, aggressive, and unpredictable.

BMW Interior
BMW Interior – Credits: on Unsplash

What can you say about the target audience?

Because of the manual gear transmission, heavy and oversized engines Mercedes have older generation drivers. The people who like to feel proud and elegant with more performance are compatible with Benz. Anyway, recently the Benz company released its Class A series by targeting the young generation.

The lighter engine weight and body style of BMW target young drivers. Persons who like to handle the vehicles easier will attract to this model the most.

Mercedes vs BMW interior design

These two luxury models obtain massive differences in interior design. BMW focuses on the driver’s requirements, while Benz focuses on the total comfort of the car.

When looking the inside at BMW, it has a centre console that can easily control vehicle systems. So, the driver has whole handling abilities of the systems while driving. But with time, this brand also tries to improve the inside comfort in cars recently.

But in the Benz, they concentrate the ultimate luxury and comfort feeling to the passenger. So, the interior is designed with touch system controls, modern comfy accessories, and excellent seating capabilities.

Mercedes Benz Interior
Mercedes Benz Interior- Credits: Benjamin Zhao on Unsplash

Conclusion for Benz or BMW

Both brands are luxurious and have run the car market for decades as winners. Still, a vast fan base allocating around those brands. Therefore, deciding on a brand from those two is challenging. Mainly it will be difficult for new car users.

If you are looking for a commercial vehicle, then you must go for a Mercedes car. As previously discussed, it has an enormous number of vehicle collections. So, you can pick any vehicle upon your requirements. And all those types are combined with excellent interior quality.

Or do you need a supercar with more budget-friendly value? Then you have to go for BMW. Both purchasing price and the fuel economy will fit your budget. But keep in mind its insurance and maintenance costs are high. And this brand will give you the ultimate driving experience with top-notch performances.

But the decision is totally up to you. You can make your decision after referring to this article. This one provided enough to get the facts that can help with your decision. Then cheers to your supercar, whatever the brand.


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