land rover vs range rover

When searching about supercar models, rover models come forward in the line. Let’s have a look at the differences between land rover vs range rover.

The most common question is our Land Rover and range rover interchangeable? Absolutely not. But there are similarities also to encourage the statement. Our point is to differentiate both models under some categories. After this differentiation, you will get to know the factors.

Land Rover Vs Range Rover Similarities

Before going to the deep, we will see what the similarities are. Surprisingly both SUV models are coming from a single automaker roof. This incredible automaker is the Land Rover. It obtains a face of the British automobile lineup. Those supermodels are four-door SUVs with five-passenger capacities.

Cargo space and passenger space may be approximately the same. At first glance, we all can see both types are off-road cars. They are primarily applicable on off-road hikes. Apart from that, they can produce enormous comfort to passengers and luxury feeling.

Range Rover
Range Rover – Credits: Unsplash

Now you can come up with an idea if they are the same. It seems like the same but not. So, here is the comparison that you have been looking for longer.

Land Rover Vs Range Rover Difference

Differences are elementary. Only a few things to consider while seeking differences.

Land Rover Vs Range Rover – Where did they come?

As previously mentioned, both types came under the Land Rover brand. It means the Range Rover is one of the subcategories in the Land Rover family. Land Rover obtains clearly defined seven classes. Among those seven, four types belong to Range Rover. It means Range Rover is a specific Land Rover model. So, its name would be Land Rover Range Rover. It is like the full name of Mustang is Ford Mustang. Under this Range Rover subcategory, there are four classes.

Land Rover
Land Rover – Credits: Unsplash

Land Rover Range Rover – This is the original Range Rover Model. It started the off-road trips and advancement of power.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport – This model is more focused on performance and speed. But specialized in race roads. When it comes to the sports aspects, this becomes smarter than the classic one.

Land Rover Range Rover Velar – This is the most modern look vehicle in this subfamily. It obtains sleek and luxury options when compared to classic Range Rover.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque – You can call this an affordable member of this group. Because even this car provides luxury facilities, it is inexpensive than others. This is the reason why this type has become so compact. But no matter how tight and affordable, it is super comfy and luxurious.

Land Rover Vs Range Rover Difference

As mentioned above, Land Rover obtains all seven models. Among those seven models, four types are under the Range Rover Label. Then what happens to the other three models? Well, they are under the Land Rover family. So we thought to present basics of them too.

Land Rover Discovery – The company made this type by focusing the strength and safety. Its advanced safety options will work on off roads effectively.

Land Rover Discovery Sport – This model is very much the same as the primary Discovery model. But this car modifies by focusing on better substitutes for adventures.

Land Rover Discovery Sport
Land Rover Discovery Sport – Credits: Unsplash

Land Rover Defender – This is the latest model in the Land Rover family. This type more focuses on more adventurous travels.

Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender – Credits: Unsplash

What’s more expensive? Land Rover or Range Rover?

land rover vs range rover price is another good point for comparison. Because when talking about land rover vs range rover difference, price plays a more significant role.

Whatever it is the model, both types are expensive. Because they are luxury vehicles and obtain more capabilities. Most ordinary people cannot afford either one model.

Starting price of classic Range Rover goes around $92,000 in the vehicle market. It is the highest price in the Land Rover family. Then Range Rover Sport came to the line. It costs $ 69,500 in the first place. Later the price demands to level of $ 56,900. It is from the model Range Rover Velar. In the Range Rover family, the last member is Range Rover Evoque. Its starting price is $ 43,300.

Now we will move on to other types in the Land Rover family. Among others, the first place took by Land Rover Discovery. It costs $ 53,900. Second place price is $ $47,700. The second place goes to the Land Rover Defender model. At last, Land Rover Discovery Sport costs $ 41,900.

As you can see, Range Rover types are more expensive than Land Rover types. This is because Range Rover focuses more on performance and luxury living. So, according to the land rover vs range rover price comparison, land Rover is more affordable.

At last, what is the difference between the range rover and land rover? The primary Land Rover vs range rover difference is Range Rover, a member of the Land Rover Brand. Now the choice is yours. Make your choice correctly at this time by selecting which one is the best.

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