Bike Vs Cars
Bike Vs Cars

Actually which is safer? motorcycle-riding?
Let’s put them into a test.
We can talk about this topic in different ways.
Let’s give it a try……

BMW 250+CC bike in the road

Here,in this article i will talk about safety by comparing Motorcycles and Cars in two different point of view.

1. When we try to talk by taking a motorcycle riding is safer than Cars.

Safely depends on how likely you are to avoid an accident.

It may seem that a motorcycle is the least safe choice of transportation in the world but a motorcycle may be able to avoid an accident more efficiently than a car.

We can discuss this under followings …

a) Maneuverability

This is the first factor worth considering the safely characteristics of both these vehicles

Although four tires and the safety cage inside a car do protect the passengers they hinder the vehicle’s maneuverability .

Thus the agility and acceleration ability in Motorcycles make them more safer regard with Cars.

b)Field of Vision

Each ride on a motorcycle brings different sights,smells and sounds .

Car driver failure to see other motor vehicles in one’s blind spots.This is the common cause of car accidents in most of the countries .

Dirty windows, Poor whether condition can bring additional obstruction to the car driver’s field of vision.

So when considering this factor Motorcyclist ‘s field of vision is better than car drivers.

3.Sense of Speed and Concentration

A motorcyclist is giving his total concentration on traveling and he is having a good sense of speed compared to a Car driver.

By comparison, a driver is completely separated from the world by the full A/C, Comfortable seats.

Drivers may be distracted from the roads by

  • Talking on cell phones
  • Foods and drivers
  • Talking with passengers
  • Taking selfies

So accordingly we can say that Strength of a motorcycle is it’s
If proper steps are taken motorcycling can actually be safer than driving a car.

As motorcycle rides out in the open instead of a cage sense of freedom makes motorcycles to face with more risks.

It is difficult to Travel in a rainy weather on bikes.

To avoid dust,heat of sun car will be more helpfull than bikes.

Bike may cause you backpain more than of a car.

Car is much more roomy and usable .

A car protects you from elements while bike does not.

also don’t waste your energy on riding just try driving ..

So accordingly which vehicle is safer??? It is up to you.
Thus whichever decision you make, Remember to drive or ride safely at all times.


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