How to Drive Automatic Car on Hills

Hello friends, Today, we have brought you a new topic How to drive CVT cars on hills. CVT cars which are very popular now-a-days and are very different from AMT cars Driving CVT car is bit different from AMT cars.

“How to drive it on Hills”.Let’s understand first How does CVT gearbox looks like. It looks like shown in the picture There are multiple modes on the sides of the gear-stick P – Parking, R – Reverse, N – Neutral D – Drive, L -Low Gear I will explain in details, How these will be useful On top of lever there is button provided Which is used to enable that mode Which is called “Sport Mode” There is one more more button on top front of the gear stick.

This is how CVT Gear Box look like. CVT cars also has two padel One brake Another Accelerator Use only one feet to drive To place left feet there is a Dead Pedal provided to rest onto it Button on front side of the lever is called Knob button.

It is used for keeping the car in park mode. Unless Key is not inserted and brake pedal is not pressed Key and pressing brake pedal together are required to bring out car from Park mode.

Consider a situation where it is not possible to use this combination Consider you car battery is low Therefore you ignition will turn on, and in result, even if you press brake pedal.

It will not come out of “Parking” mode Because of the way it is designed To counter this situation, There is a shift lock button provided, on the panel where gear stick is mounted.

You can press this button in case of Emergency Only to come out of “Parking” mode. Do not use this in general situation It is only provided to use it in emergency situation Let’s see how it works I am not keeping my foot on brake pedal Ignition mode is also OFF and car is in park mode Now I am trying to bring it out of Parking Now I will Push “Shift Lock” button and try bringing the car out of Parking mode.

As you can see Car has come out of Parking mode Let’s see it from Top angle Car is not coming out of “Parking” mode Now I am going to press and hold “Shift Lock” button and move the gear stick to bring it out of Park mode.

It is an emergency procedure. Do not use it for Regular purpose. Other than L rest all mode all modes are self explanatory You use L mode when you need extra power when you are driving it on hills , or you are driving in SNOW or Mud You need engine braking at that time, along with when you are coming downhill as well.

Let me show you something interesting…. You can see that, there is “S” symbol is appearing and disappearing. It is because, I am enabling and disabling sports mode on the gear stick. You can use this “Sports” mode with any of the gear mode.

You will not find too much performance difference with sports mode. as it is called as sports mode, you should be able to get mode acceleration. Or if you think it is more performance optimized mode, but this is not the same…. When you enable sports mode on low gear, you will see both L and s on dashboard.

You need to keep an eye in your MID when you are driving in LOW mode. I have driven it in western ghats, where I was using the same combination where I was getting both sort of power by combination of these 2 modes. It was comparatively more easier to drive with I was able to cover ghat section without any difficulty.

So, I would recommend to use this combination when you are driving on hill. You can use the same during downhill This is Baleno CVT. My thoughts are based on this car and different cars experience may vary. I would also like to put it as disclaimer. It is based on Baleno and it may not fit for all CVT.

Other people has also found it useful I have found it tremendously useful, therefore I recommend it. Either you are going uphill or downhill when you feel you do not require sports mode you acan remove it use only L mode, because It gets you maximum brake. For other manufacture’s cars I will recommend you to drive it in “L” mode.

L mode gives you maximum engine braking. If you have other manufactures car then use only L mode. When you are driving uphill and downhill How did you like the Post.


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