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What is Vehicle to Grid

Also called Vehicle 2 Grid or V2G. Car to Grid is the process of connecting your electric vehicle to the transmission electricity network. If you have an electric vehicle, you will need to consider setting up V2G through a simple metering system and contract with your region’s electricity supplier.

What do we need to consider before deciding to connect our vehicle to the grid?

  • Firstly you have to have an electric vehicle which can be charged by a standard electricity outlet.
  • The second thing you will need to do is determine some essential driving habits. I.e., suppose you drive almost your entire vehicle range to work and back daily. In that case, there is unlikely to be a lot of power left over to swap between your battery and the grid, which makes set up V2G a small redundant.
  • Having decided that V2G connectivity is possible and feasible, you may want to look at the right products on the market to help you achieve this. I.e., which inverter may be used and which electricity trading contract will match with your needs the best?
  • If you decide suddenly it V2G is not suitable for you. how can you get out of an otherwise more expensive contract?

Once these essential items have been checked off the list, it is the moment to call up your utility and start the applying for V2G. You can then buy a suitable inverter that allows you to feedback into the grid. (this will be same if not identical to the kind of inverters used on solar PV grid-connected power supplies). Of course, We will have to decide what sized inverter to go for.

For an example, a 5kW inverter will cost $1000, and a 2kW inverter will cost $600. Therefore you have to be trust that you can again recover the $400 over being able to sell a higher electricity rate in peak moments. Some little maths will help you work out the optimal answers and be aware of each option’s various payoffs.

Why is Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Good?


Vehicle to Grid applications has several advantage for all sorts of businesses and stakeholders. Vehicle to Grid (V2G):

  • Empowers the home consumer to make sensible choices about when they use their electricity through smart digital metering
  • saves the consumer money in the long run through effective electricity management
  • Is green! Always you supply the grid with electricity during the yearly peak energy demand; reduce the want to upgrade the electricity network with more transmission lines and generators.
  • You are helping to bring electric cars (EV’s) onto the market.
  • You are reducing your carbon footprint! This is a massive one these days.
  • The electricity company can save money, reduce their unit electricity prices, or reduce the want to increase them.
  • Reduce the amount of electricity transmission line needed. I.e., the vehicle transports the electricity to where it is required.
  • Cuts down on the number of fuel stations required
  • Reduces our addiction to foreign oil through the accelerated introduction of electric cars and the capability to replace fossil fuel generation with renewable power generation.
  • Allows more continual energy and renewable energy to be introduced onto the electricity grid. Electric car batteries can now act as a buffer to intermittent generation.

The last point is an important one. Traditional transmission networks struggle to cope with big percentages of intermittent renewable and sustainable power generation, as electricity generation from these sources is massively dependent on the things. Therefore to have the ability to keep in store electricity somewhere is important. In a lot of countries, power utilities are approaching this by pumping water up a hill and re-generating during peak times (~60% efficiency) or storing hydrogen formed by electrolysis underground, ready for regeneration (~40% efficiency). Storing electricity in batteries is a higher efficiency (60% – 90%); however, it is a bit expensive.

Japan uses big battery sheds to store small amounts of power. 


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