ford mustang vs dodge charger

Are you looking to purchase a supercar? Then this differentiation of ford mustang vs dodge charger must be ideal.

Even both models are muscle cars, they have few differences also similarities. Both families have a legendary history in the car market. Therefore, both types obtain great personalities among others. That makes the choice of buying a little complicated for everyone. Obviously, we have few things to discuss with you. Let’s start with the engine performances.

Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Charger – Engine Performances

Study them separately can describe more of them.

Ford mustang performances

Ford has a 4-cylinder, 5 litres, V-8 engine to power up the car. Are you surprised by the number of cylinders? Don’t be. Because they are turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder systems with high capacity. The package initially includes in the Focus RS model. Especially the GT models powered by 460 horsepower and V-8 engine with optional active exhaust for more power. These types contain 6-speed manual transmission or ten-speed automatic gear transmission. It makes the Mustang faster than before. You can find alternatives and modify packages of them also.

The latest generation has more rear suspension with rear-wheel drive mode. So they have a solid rear axle. It improves their driving quality to the next level. So even with less powerful engines, the Mustang can give a comfortable drive. The current brake system is so cool to apply smoothly with higher levels of speed.

Vintage Ford Mustang
Vintage Ford Mustang / Photo by Karl Thomas Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Then what’s with Dodge Charger?

Dodge models have two main engine types. Limited V-6 engines are available with all-wheel-drive mode. For the standard rear-wheel drive mode, it has a V-8 engine. And it obtains excellent 8-speed automatic gear transmission. If you are a manual car lover, they will not suit this model for you. Because same as the Ford, this one does not obtain a manual gear transmission option. Charger Srt brings 485 horsepower with 3.8 seconds to jump to 60mph from 0. High-performance models combine with summer tires have upgraded brake pads for easy stopping. It associates with electrical steering, sometimes too heavy to engage.

1968 Dodge Charger
1968 Dodge Charger / Photo by Jeremy from Sydney, Australia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Which car is faster, Mustang or Charger?

Obviously, Ford is faster than others. Six-speed manual gear transmission enhances the higher speed. Engine horsepower amount is also higher in Mustang. Which encourages the faster ride of the car. When comparing the time that car needs to accelerate for particular speed levels also quicker in it. Therefore, collectively we can say the mustang model is faster.

Dodge Charger Vs Ford Mustang fuel economy

In the modern world, fuel economy is significant. Even the performance and quality of the supercar are higher; nothing goes brilliant with low fuel economy. The most efficient Mustang with ten-speed automatic gear transmission obtains 21mpg in the city. On highways, it consumes 32mpg ultimately. What about the lowest consuming capacity? It is 15mpg in cities and 24mpg between highways.

Now let’s see the fuel economy in the charger model. This is a bit competitive and surprising sometimes. Because Charger model consumes 25mog in city rides while 26mpg in highway rides. There is a slight difference between the two values. Because this heavy car is an ultimately fuel-consuming model. And it’s a 5.7 Liter V-8 engine, and the V-6 engine works efficiently on fuel consumption.

Charger Vs Mustang – Interior qualities

In a luxury car, the interior features are important factors. Because not everyone falls on its speed and performance. Someone loves the interior characteristics. So, it is good to have a look at the inside of them.

Charger Vs Mustang – Comfort and cargo area

The main difference between those models is the cargo space. Ford comes as a two-door model. Although it has rear seats, it has not the direct entrance doors. But the folding of seats is easy. When comparing other models, the latest Mustang obtains more space. When it comes to the Dodge, it is primarily a four-door sedan with five passenger capacities. But it is less with average space for cargo. However, it consists of abilities to attach extra boxes for more cargo space. But it obtains an excellent rear seat area than the Mustang.

Shelby GT 350
Shelby GT 350 / Photo by Tyler Clemmensen on Unsplash

Interior comfortability

The charger interior is highly functional. It shows a theme of rubber more than luxury leather. But the interior facilities with heated seats make it a more luxurious look. In the Ford, the latest model obtains the newer collection of updates to the car interior. Same as the previous one, this also receives heated seats with premium new upgrades. So the hand of interior look and features of both models are identical.

Mustang Vs Charger connectivity

When it comes to the infotainment system, Ford has a simple interface. It came with Apple car play, Android auto and “kickin” stereo systems. Also, it has a Wi-Fi hotspot. Through the Ford, sync connects users can connect to the vehicle control system. But you need to sign up with your smartphone to the relevant app.

In Dodge, it obtains an excellent infotainment system called Uconnect. Unlike the simple ford system, this gets a 7.0″ or 8.4″ touch screen. It consists of the same apple car play and android auto. But the connectivity is limited via hotspot.

Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Charger reliability

Reliability is an exciting topic to discuss choice. In the hand of warranty, Dodge provides more than Mustang. So, a person who is purchasing a dodge obtains more guarantees for the vehicle. Because those are muscle cars, a complimentary maintenance plan would be great. But unfortunately, both companies do not propose such a great plan. It is a bit disappointing fact with the brands and price of them.

However, when looking at the side of engine performances and the speed, Mustang comes forward. So before jump directly on to the model, you must study its complete specifications. Then you can find the correct destination.

Dodge Charger RT 2012 / Photo by order_242 from Chile, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Charger – Price comparison

First, you need to figure out all these cars are muscle cars. It obviously makes them more expensive than regular vehicles. But no doubt they are worthy of the price. Mustang wins the price market all the time. In 2021, Mustang initially costs $52,980. When it comes to the Dodge, its starting price is $41,325. As you can see the difference, Dodge is more affordable than the other model.

Among ford mustang vs dodge charger, Which one should I buy is a common question. Here is a clear comparison of both types. You have to go through it before making a choice.


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