Ford F250 Vs Ram 2500

Are you need heavy-duty trucks for your balanced life? Here comes the Ford F250 vs Ram 2500 review, enough for you to choose the better one.

When we are coming to the topic of Ford F250 vs Ram 2500, both are marvellously awesome trucks on the road. Because they are coming under the category of super trucks, you need to study more before pick-up a one from both. People, especially in the United States of America, are looking for diesel trucks with special capabilities. Heavy-duty trucks like ford F250 diesel and Ram 2500 always stand as primary options for them. Both ford F250 super duty and Ram 2500 have similarities as below,

–         These super trucks need diesel as the fuel component.

–         Enough capabilities for your high duty workload.

So, it is worth having a deep look at the difference between the Ford F250 and Ram 2500 that came to the market between 2020 to 2021 to make your choice more ideal.

What can you see, Ford F250 & Ram 2500?

Between 2020 to 2021, Ford super duty and Ram 2500 come with few differences other than similarities. Sometimes you will not be able to recognize them because you are not familiar with them. So, we thought to take you over those facts that can differentiate Ford F250 & Ram 2500.

When comparing the price of both Ford F250 diesel and Ram 2500

Not even in the United States of America, but worldwide, the price will be one of the important factors for vehicle purchasing. This price category comes with several subcategories like brand new price, secondhand market value and market after some years.

The first brand new stage of Ford F250 XL costs $34,230 for United States of America citizens in 2021. When it comes to the Ram 2500, it costs $35,020, correspondingly from 2020 to 2021. It means the Ford F250 will act more economy friendly than Ram 2500 at first glance.

But this initiate price will change with additions your super truck comes with For example, some heavy-duty trucks can come with customized body shapes and angels to meet the customer requirements. Then they can demand more than the default value.

So, according to the customized additions, brand-new and secondhand prices will change for both heavy-duty trucks. Although price category can be used as a differentiative parameter of both Ford F250 diesel and Ram 2500, it will not be a precious useful factor in future.

Engine power

There is a similarity between those two vehicles. It is, both heavy-duty trucks obtain a V-8 powerful engine to Power up the vehicle.

The engine of the Ford F250 diesel obtains 6.2 L engine displacement, while Ram 2500 obtains a displacement of 6.4 L. From the ultimate V-8-cylinder configuration, Ram 2500 can reach a power of 410 horsepower at 5600 rpm value (Muscle cars also have V-8 powerful Engines). But Ford F250 delivers only a Power of 385 horsepower at the maximum level.

But when considering the torque, it comes as Ford F250 vs RAM 2500 is 430-pound feet and 429-pound feet of torque correspondingly.

Also, Ram 2500 can haul a whopping 4000 in pounds when it comes to the payload rating. At the same time, Ford F250 super duty can haul a whopping 3990 in pounds.

Ford Super Duty 2012
Ford Super Duty 2012 – Credits (Cristianv14, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

What about the drive mode of Ford F250 Vs Ram 2500?

In this case, the Ford F250 prefers all-wheel-drive mode while Ram 2500 prefers rear-wheel-drive mode.

Those heavy-duty trucks transmit the speed for different maximum limits. In Ram 2500, it can reach 8-speed levels through automatic gear transmission. But in Ford F250 super duty has two different modes. In the standard method, it can reach six-speed levels via an automatic transmission. But with the optional mode, the speed level can increase to 10 by the same automatic gear transmission.

So, you can choose the mode concerning your requirement. A 10-speed transmission mode is available for your selected drive modes like slippery and snow.

So, you can manage your Ford F250 drive mode according to your requirement. Where in Ram 2500, you cannot get this experience.

Let’s look at the exterior of Ford F250 and Ram 2500

From the exterior look, we cannot tell many differences between the Ford f250 and Ram 2500. But if you look closely, you will find out what are they. So, it is better to go through the changes one by one to clear it up for you.

From the wheel system of Ford Super Duty and Ram 2500

Ram 2500 appears with tires of LT245/70SR17E BSW AS. But Ford F250 has LT275/65Rx18E BSW AS (5) tires in the standard model and the optional mode LT275/70Rx18E OWL AT (4).

The Ford F250 obtains wheels with 18 inches for both standard and optional modes when it comes to the wheels. And in Ram 2500, wheels are 17 inches which are smaller than Ford super duty.

2020 RAM 2500
2020 RAM 2500 – Credits (The Wikipeadian guy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

A close look at the lighting system of both Ford F250 diesel and Ram 2500

Ram 2500 is absent with front fog lights, where Ford F250 super duty obtains those front fog lights.

Both heavy-duty trucks available with front headlights that can control, and daytime lightning also included.

But with Ram 2500 is absent with LED bulbs where Ford F250 super duty has more. For examples, brake lights and cab clearance lights. So, in lighting, the Ford F250 takes priority.

Body exterior difference between Ford Super Duty Vs Ram 2500

Both super-truck models include front and rear bumpers with black. Because of the heavy-duty trucks, they are unavailable with sunroof option and convertible options. Also, both models come with manual controlling of the driver and passenger mirrors. And both trucks have tailgate type cargo door at the back.

But Ford F250 includes the cool function of Power heated glasses, heated convex spotter mirror, integrated clearance lam with turn signals. Unfortunately, Ram 2500 does not obtain any of the above facilities related to the glass and mirror functions. So, you may feel uncomfortable with it.

The Ford F250 comes with body colors to the door handle up to your preferences regarding the door handles. But in Ram 2500, only the black color body handles are available.

What can you say about the interior of the Ford F250 Vs Ram 2500?

Both heavy-duty trucks come with manual air conditioning and manual door lock features despite the luxury brand of the vehicles. Also, they do not include any power heating feature for seats, which makes them completely for heavy-duty work. And both super trucks obtain variable intermittent windshield wipers.

When it comes to the engine’s ignition, Ram 2500 unavailable with the remote key start, where Ford F250 diesel can start the truck with the remote key option.

Because of the objective of both heavy-duty trucks, they are made with Automatic emergency braking and a 4-wheel disc brake system.

And the interior of both super-truck models come with a lot of shading LED light designs. Both include door lights when opening the doors.

Both models obtain hydraulic Power steering wheels with a lot of driver assistance modes on them.

Does seating capacity high in Ford Super Duty?

This seating capacity is something interesting when you need to differentiate the heavy-duty trucks. Ram 2500 only available with three seating capacity. It has no 2nd row or 3rd row for passengers. It means the cargo capacity increases at a considerable amount at the back.

When considering the seating capacity of the Ford F250, it comes with two models. One is the same as the Ram 2500 with three passenger capacities. But there are models of 5 seating capacity in Ford super duty, which includes a 2nd raw for passengers. Then the particular super truck has four doors and a bigger seating area. It can reduce the space of cargo area to a certain extent. So, it would help if you considered seating and cargo area before choosing one of them.

2017 Ford Super Duty
2017 Ford Super Duty – Credits (Ryan Hildebrand, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

What happened to your favorite entertainment system in Ford F250 Vs Ram 2500?

In your favourite, Ford F250 has 1 USB and 1 USB C port together with a premium AM/FM stereo system. In addition, you can go with a navigation system. Also, you have a steering wheel with a sound control system that can give the ultimate entertainment experiences.

When you come with Ram 2500, it consists of external digital memory control, voice-activated audio control and FM radio ability. But you cannot find USB ports here. Also, this steering wheel unable to control the audio balance in the vehicle. But you can find four default speaker system here.

Both heavy-duty trucks come with LCD monitor for video and camera system operations.

Security and safety system

Security and safety are other most important factors you need to be considered before making your choice. So, let’s have a look at the security system of both models.

Ram 2500 comes with both driver and passenger airbags with front and sidewall mounted. Also, there is an overhead airbag in the first-row curtain. All airbags are sensor implemented airbags in this super truck. When considering the seatbelts, all seatbelts are height adjustable. Which make more safety around you. Also, an ABS 4-wheel control brake system available with Ram 2500 together with an immobilizer and brake assist system.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Ford F250, there is a pressure monitoring system absent in Ram 2500. But the airbag positioning is the same as the Ram 2500. But in addition to that, there are side curtain airbags available with ford F250 for extra safety. Also, there is the newest upgrade SOS crash alert system available with this super truck. So, the Ford F250 has come forward in the security and safety sector other than the Ram 2500.

A quick overview of specifications of Ford F250 and Ram 2500

As you can see, there are much more differences in Ford F250 and Ram 2500 as visual and internal. So, we thought it would be useful to you if we can come with some important specifications as shortlisted.

–         You can select Ford F250 in 29, 34 and 48 gallons of fuel tank capacity, while Ram 2500 only available in 32 gallons of the fuel tank.

–         In the Ford F250, you can select either two-passenger mode or four-passenger modes, while Ram 2500 is only available in 2 passenger model.

–         But when it comes to the warranty period of vehicles, you can purchase Ram 2500 in 4 types of warranties. But in Ford F250, there only three types of warranty available.

Ford F250 Vs Ram 2500
2019 RAM 2500 – Credits (Ryan Hildebrand, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

What are the changes exclusively in Ford Super Duty?

Ford super duty has come with several new and upgraded changes to the super-truck market. Those changes made the differentiation between Ford F250 and Ram 2500 easier. So, we will take you to the overview of those new upgrades available in Ford F250 only.

–         Ford F250 obtains BoxLink Cargo management system to secure your accessories in the cargo area.

–         Trailer reverse guiding system equipped with cameras and visual guiding.

–         AC inverter Outlet for rechargeable purposes.

–         Tire pressure monitoring system for extra safety on the road.

–         Adaptive steering wheel system.

–         Cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring system.

–         Tear flat load floor for loading a large cargo and after using it can fold and lockable under the seat box.

As previously discussed, there are many more differences in Ford F250 vs Ram 2500 visually and inside. So, you need to study and observe before you made your choice on these super heavy-duty trucks. The facts we provided to your hand will be useful when you make your choice on them.


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