Dodge charger vs challenger

When talking about supercars, Dodge provides lots of them. Among them, differentiation of Dodge charger vs Challenger takes a special place.

When they come to the car market, even they are older. Still, they can take place the priority. Although they came to the market under the supercar category, they have some differences. Those facts can affect the buyer’s selectivity in the angel of Charger vs Dodge Challenger. So let us give you a conversation between those two supermodels.

Difference between Dodge Charger and Challenger

When talking about the differences, it should be better if we can go ahead with subcategories. It will clearly show you the differences between both.

The world car market initially designed the Charger in 1968. Challenger came to the market in 1970. Because of the initial designs, Charger came in classic appeal, thunderous power, seductive style, and curvy design to run the market. But when in 1970 challenger comes, the Charger has to compete with it. Even both models obtain the very same engine performances, Challenger has the lighter body design, and manual speed transmission took its way of running forward.

1968 Dodge Charger US Muscle Car (V8, 375 PS)
1968 Dodge Charger US Muscle Car (V8, 375 PS) – Credits: Markus Spiske by UnFlash

Passenger space of both

Dodge charger considers as a large four-door sedan that obtains more space than another one. Because the Challenger is a two-door coupe. But the passenger capacity of both is the same. How could this happen?

Even the seating capacity is five for both models, and Challenger does not obtain two back doors separately. So if you are planning to take more people inside that model, it will be uncomfortable for rear passengers because of the lack of space. For your reference, we will mention the legroom space of both. Dodge charger obtains sufficient 40.1 inches space for legroom while another model obtains 33.1 inches.

Apart from this more space, the Charger obtains additional 4 inches of shoulder room and 8.3 inches hiproom. As you can see, Challenger vs dodge charger obtains more inner space differences.

What is with the Cargo capacity?

What do you think about more space? If it is the Charger, you are right. But not with a considerable amount. In 2021 Charger has a cargo space of 16.5 cubic feet, comparatively 0.3 higher than the other model.

Using only the trunk, this would not be a better cargo capacity. But you can turn to fold the rear seating areas of both for more space. Then you can increase the cargo area more of both models as 60/40 split-folding rear seats. But again, the Challenger has to obtain a little narrower cargo compartment than the other model.

Dodge Charger vs Challenger safety

When speaking about the vehicle safety tests, there are few parameters. They are,

–         Roof strength

–         Head restrained test

–         Front crash avoidance.

–         Side crash test.

Both models obtain an average score in ‘side crash tests’ compared to muscle cars. But Charger obtains the higher marks in front crash avoidance and good scoring in roof strength and head restrained test. But Challenger only got basic scores from all the above three security protection parameters.

Sometimes these issues may come because of the manual speed transmission of Challenger. However, in the hand of the vehicle and passenger security, the dodge charger got higher marks.

Challenger vs Dodge Charger long term value

We know that you are buying a car for a long-term plan of at least five years with you. When it comes to muscle cars, the factor of durability and value for a longer time is more important. So, it is worthy of having a look at both models regarding their long-term suitability.

Dodge Challenger Going Fast
Dodge Challenger Going Fast – Credit: Cody Campbell by UnFlash

When you are using a car, you need to pay attention to a few parameters. Like its fuel economy, repairing and maintenance cost, insurance cost, the durability of original parts, availability of spare parts and second-hand car market worldwide. In general explanation, Charger obtains average to good scores regarding those test parameters.

Even Challenger also obtains good scores on a few and bad at others. So, Dodge at the dodge charger or Challenger, we recommend the Charger model for long term usage.

Engine performance of both mode

When it comes to this matter, Challenger performs better. The Charger also obtains the higher and greater engine performance same as it, but two years later. In 2018, Challenger got the hot seat in sales because of this higher engine performance and manual speed transmission.

Every year the performance increase with time. In the end, in 2021, it came with 807 horsepower and 707 lb.-ft of torque to achieve the speed limit of 60mph within just 3 seconds. It has an 18-11-inch alloy wheel system obtain for such speed. The interesting thing is Challenger got the 797horsepower in 2018, but Charger able to achieve it in 2021. Because of this factor, Challenger reaches the top of the list.

Kickass Black Challenger parking on the street
Kickass Black Challenger parking on the street – Credits: Sergio Rota by UnFlash

Dodge Charger vs Challenger price

We thought to give you the Dodge charger vs challenger price in 2021. This is the latest price because you all need the latest price to purchase it. What is the expensive model as you think? You are right.

The Charger is more expensive than the other. In 2021 its price starts at $31,480. What can you say about the price of second hand or any other models related to Dodge charger? Commonly all of them are expensive than the relevant challenger model. The price increment can be $1,700 of the Charger. So, when considering the price, the challenger will suit you more.

Fuel Economy

If you are looking for this type of muscle car, we assume that you are not considering the fuel economy. Because both models are in the lower end of the fuel-economy scale, both 2021 Dodge models with V-6 engines obtain 19mpg in city rides while 30mog on highways. But these values can be changed if you upgrade to the engine for V-8 engines. Then 5.7-litre V-8 engine obtains 16mpg in city rides and 25mpg in highway rides.

Also, the 6.4 Liter V-8 engine obtains 15mpg in city rides and 24mpg in highway rides. Because the Charger obtains automatic speed transmission, it can reach a higher fuel economy than the Challenger sometimes.

Dodge Charger and Challenger entertainment system

This system of both has not much more things to compare. Because most of the features are the same in both models. Dodge Charger and Challenger have an 8.4 UConnect touchscreen system that lets you connect Apple and Android devices. Also, the Wi-Fi 4G hotspot system is available. So, when you pick up any of these models, you can go for the Dodge performance pages. It allows you to customize the vehicle settings, transport data and many more facilities.

Dodge Charger or Challenger – Which Should You Buy?

To find out an answer to this question we have given you enough details. If you are a person of transport more people daily, then you must go for the Charger. But suppose you are a couple and go for outings once a week, then probably a two-door coupe is better for you.

Same as that you can manage the cargo area also according to your requirements. If you are considering the fuel economy more, you must go for the Charger with V-8 engines. Same as if you considered the price, then Challenger must be a great choice.

2013 Dodge Charger RT
2013 Dodge Charger RT – Credits: Richard Goff by UnFlash

So, the choice is all yours. Study the article and go ahead to make your choice wisely. We are here to help you for a better and sustainable choice.


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