International Harvester Truck

International Harvester


2 Seats



304ci V8 resides

International Harvester 1100B Pickup

In the symphony of automotive heritage, behold the International Harvester 1100B Pickup, a testament to a time when rugged trucks carried the heartbeat of farm equipment ingenuity. Picture a titan, adorned in resplendent red, traversing the roads with a spirit as indomitable as the fields it once called home.

Exterior Elegance:

  • Resplendent Revival: Born in 1967, this 1100B underwent a meticulous resurrection, draping its metal panels in a vibrant red hue—a canvas of restored glory.
  • Rustic Whispers: While rust left its mark on the truck’s bed, the rest stands tall, presenting white-painted bumpers, a front grille, and a touch of elegance with shiny diamond plate running boards.
  • Custom Elements: Witness the prowess with diamond plate exhaust stacks, a toolbox, and a large ribbed tonneau cover—crafted to perfection.
  • Wheeling in Style: Elevated on 15-inch white wagon wheels, each adorned with 265/75-R15 deep-treaded rubber, this pickup commands attention.

Interior Poetry:

  • Tufted Tranquility: Step inside to a headliner adorned with buttoned tufted shiny white vinyl, an artful ode to comfort and style. LED pin lights add a modern touch.
  • Vintage Symphony: NOS 59 Chevy Impala material graces the bench seat in hues of red and white, while the original dual eyebrow dash boasts simplicity and charm.
  • Auditory Ambiance: An aftermarket digital AM/FM/CD player serenades from below the dash, completing the ensemble of this rolling time capsule.

Drivetrain Dynamics:

  • Heartbeat Under the Hood: The 304ci V8 resides in the engine bay, partnered with a T4 3-speed manual transmission. A TC141 transfer case offers a forward journey.
  • Signature Script: Behold the black INTERNATIONAL script type on the valve covers—a touch of familial nostalgia for the connoisseur.

Beneath the Veil:

  • Terrain-Tested: Surface rust and road dirt grace the floorpans, but the strong frame and undercarriage speak of enduring strength.
  • Dynamic Drive: Leaf spring suspension, drum brakes on all corners, and a dual exhaust with turbo mufflers—an orchestra of engineering mastery.

Journey Through Time:

  • Pleasure Behind the Wheel: The high lifted 4WD experience is a joy, with smooth handling, robust acceleration, and a comfortable interior—an exploration of vintage charm.
  • Aesthetic Anecdote: While the rusted heater plays a silent role, the overall drive leaves an indelible mark, inviting dreams of 1967 adventures.