Datsun 720

Datsun 720

2 Seats

20-25 City / 28-31 Hwy


4/6 cylinders

In the dance of life, Nissan unveiled the Datsun 720 in the rhythmic October of 1979, a successor to the soulful 620. As the sun of innovation set, the 1980 to 1983 models gracefully swayed under the name “Datsun 720,” later harmonizing into the symphony of “Nissan Truck” in the US, officially adorned with the name “Nissan 720.”

Picture this pickup as a dance floor, offering moves in regular cab and the rhythmic “King Cab” variants. The beats echoed with regular and long bed options, each note embellished with the grace of standard (GL), deluxe (DX), and the vivacious “Sport Truck” (ST) trim packages.

Under the hood, a melody of engines played, but the 2.2L I4 (Z22S) and the 2.4L I4 (Z24) took center stage, orchestrating the performance and reliability of this truck.

The Datsun 720 swayed to the tunes of production until 1986, gracefully passing the baton to the Nissan D21 series, a/k/a the Hardbody, that stepped into the limelight in the early days of 1985.