BMW M340i

The BMW m340i is still a class apart.  The spectacular look, power, and sharper handling keep it still at the top regardless of the close and tight competition for the crown of compact sport sedans. This beauty has everything you expect from a sedan, and we thought it would be beneficial to fuse all of its must-knows into one place for vehicle enthusiasts like you.  Nothing fancy or exaggerated here; directly to the point. Let’s do this.

What is the BMW M340i?

Before we talk about BMW m340i specs or anything, let’s define it in the first place. Introduced in 2019, m340i is the seventh generation of the G20 3 series. It was slightly different in design compared to the previous editions and came with an updated engine. Also, it’s a little bit larger and definitely much aggressive than the F30 3 series cars, which it replaced. Without further ado, let’s start exploring BMW m340i’s features with the exterior.

The exterior

Speaking about the front side features, the authentic BMW grille seems to grow much more prominent and relatively taller. The whole front side is wider as well as longer than its predecessor. Headlights are flashy and more pronounced, and the mesh permits you to see the radiator grille, which we find a little awkward, to be honest as it blends a kind of cheap outlook to the vehicle. Make no mistake; it doesn’t necessarily suggest that mesh is unattractive or ugly. The fascia looks sportier, which, combined with the flashy headlights and wedge-cut under it, make the vehicle look aggressive. All in all, the front side look of the BMW m340i is astonishing, and you just can’t get that same feeling as the previous series of cars.

The side look of m340i is more or less similar to previous models, but the newly introduced side skirts add sporty and kind of a macho feeling. There are no lines on the body, and 19-inch wheels are tailor-made to enhance the overall complexion of the vehicle. Actually, you hardly see any signs of a sports sedan when you look at it from the front but clearly evident when you see it from the side or rear; we think it’s not a fluke but something BMW did with purpose.

The roundish rear, 3D design of the taillights and extremely thin spoiler are a few of the unique features of m340i. Also, the bottom fascia says it is the sportiest and most aggressive-looking model released thus far by the manufacturer. But, one thing we didn’t like is that the two fake vents on each side of the fascia because they sort of hamper the sporty look.

Exterior dimensions of BMW M340i

Ground Clearance13cm
Wheel base285cm
Turning Circle12m
Tyre size225/40 R19
wheel size0x0 inches
Exterior dimensions of BMW M340i

The Interior

The first and most visible thing about the interior is that it is covered with elegant-looking leather and meets the standards you expect from a car at this price range (we will talk about this later). We would say the quality of the leather is “good’ and other than leather, there are plastic-made surfaces as well. The overall design of the dash and center console is eye-catching. However, the analog controls of radio and HVAC look outdated for a high caliber sedan; the size of the HVAC also pretty small for the liking.

The automatic gear feels nice in hand, and the manual shift mode helps you forget the fact that it has no manual transmission capability. From the gear compartment of the car, you can control many features such as driving modes, engine start-up, and parking brake. We like this move from BMW because there are minimal elements for the person behind the wheels to concentrate while driving, and everything looks compact and neat inside the vehicle. That said, the plastic buttons looks cheap, and we feel the letters on them will begin to disappear over time, and it’s a no-brainer explaining how unlovely they will become with half erased letters.

It features no in-built entertainment options such as displays on the backside, but the space provided is more than enough to travel comfortably for long hours. Passengers have HVAC controls for themselves, and the car is equipped with two USB charging ports and another port to plug other mobile devices. The lighting strip, which is on the door panel, is another cool part of the rear interior. And, the armrest has two cup holders. You can get access to them by opening the split door, but the door won’t slip down after you place the cups, which can be problematic to use the cups freely. We have no arguments about the comfortableness of the rear seats, but it would be difficult for passengers to stay still in one place, especially when passing bends at speed because of the made.

Interior specs of BMW M340i

Front head room98.2cm
Rear head room95.5cm
Front leg room106.6cm
Rear leg room89.4cm
Front shoulder room142.2cm
Rear shoulder room138.6cm
Interior specs of BMW M340i
BMW M340i
BMW M340i Interior

The performance

What is BMW m340i Horsepower? Is that a question you have? It is powered by a 382-HP engine which is powerful than Audi S5. This is a massive enhancement compared to the previous models. The 3.0 liter 6-turbo engine can take the car to 60mph within 4.2 seconds, and the top you can reach is 155mph. This figure is up there with most of the competing models such as Audi S5 and Mercedes Benz CLA 45; actually, it’s one-tenth seconds behind to CLA 45. Nevertheless, it is pretty impressive. The standard BMW m340i sends power only to the rear wheels, but for an additional $2,000, you can upgrade it to transfer power to all the wheels.

As we mentioned, it has no manual transmission, and the shifting duties happen via an automatic transmission. Moreover, it has eight gears to play with, one more than CLA 45’s seven. Concerning fuel efficiency, it gives an average of 25mpg; 22 in cities and 30 on highways. Long story short, all four wheels feature independent suspensions and the driving experience of BMW 340i is impeccable.


BMW m340i price can be stated as competitive at $54,700, and as you would most probably know, you can build your own unit by adding luxury features. When it comes to outlook, you can add a shadow line to it, costing $300, and from there onwards, you have the opportunity to customize your car as you wish.

Let us explain more about additional features and their prices.

Other Features of BMW M340i

  • Color

There are five colors to choose from other than the standard alpine white.  They are, black sapphire metallic, mineral white metallic, mineral grey metallic, sunset orange metallic and Portimao metallic. Changing color from alpine white to another will cost you $550.

  • Wheels

BMW offers you around ten various wheel designs and six-wheel colors, and changing them will cost you $600.

  • Interior

There are four classy types of leather; black, black & blue contrasting stitching, oyster and cognac. This feature has a price tag of $1,450. If you want to change the trim to match the color of the leather, you can select one of the available five options.

Other than the above-mentioned features, they allow you to add heating elements, navigational aids, head-up displays, gesture controls, and many more contemporary options.

Ok, guys, as a car enthusiast, you might be having loads of questions to answer, especially with this kind of beast. Let’s go for a FAQ session.

FAQ’s on BMW M340i

  • Who are the competitors of BMW m340i?

Audi S5 and Mercedes Benz CLA 45 are the closest competitors of BMW m340i. If you ask who is the BIGGEST competitor? It’s CLA 45. Mercedes CLA 45 has a 2.0 liter 375hp engine and comes as an all-wheel-drive vehicle.  The average fuel economy is 26mpg and reaches 60mph in 4.1 seconds. The current price of CLA 45 is approximately $1,000 cheaper than m340i.

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  • Is BMW M340i reliable?

Yes, of course. It is considered one of the most reliable sport sedans in the world in terms of safety. BMW is a manufacturer that always prioritizes safety, and this particular product is no different. In order to improve the safety levels of the vehicle, BMW offers optional features such as blind-spot monitoring, driver assistance, and lane-keeping. The overall built of m340i is solid and has good reliability ratings.

  • What is the warranty coverage of the BMW m340i?

Actually, it has good coverage of the warranty. With each unit, buyers enjoy a warranty of four years or 50,000 miles which is right up there to compete with its rivals. Moreover, there is an eight-year or 80,000 miles warranty for hybrid components.

We talked about car warranty in this article.

  • What is the cargo room size of the BMW m340i?

Irrespective of the rear seats, it provides you with a space of 17 cubic feet, and if you lay down the seats, space gets even more significant. To be honest, we can’t say it’s massive but sufficient enough to hold a considerable amount of cargo, given it’s just a sedan, not an SUV. However, it is comparatively big compared to CLA 45’s 8 cubic feet, but smaller than Audi’s S5.

  • How big is the BMW m340i?

It is around 470cm long and 180 cm wide. The size of BMW 340i is marginally bigger than its rival Mercedes Benz CLA 45 and a tad smaller than S5. Taking driving dynamics and aerodynamics into consideration, the size of m340i is ideal for a comfortable and fast ride. Also, it would be best if you have a 1.5 garage for the storage of this car as one car garage gives little space for wall clearance for both sides, which we don’t recommend for the safety of the vehicle.

BMW M340i Behind View
  • Is BMW m340i fast?

Remember, it’s not a racecar but a sport sedan. You can’t expect a speed of a racecar with this, but reaching 60mph in 4.2 seconds is not a joke, and we can label it a “fast car.” If you want more speed less time than that, you can switch to the XDrive model of m340i, which works as a four-wheel-drive car.

  • Is the BMW m340i XDrive model is out?

Yes, BMW launched it last year. It is powered by a 382hp engine and reaches the 60mph mark in 4.1 seconds. The fuel efficiency of XDrive is better than m340i at 31mpg, and it starts at $56,700. As we mentioned, you can add the four-wheel driven feature by purchasing it for $2,000 at the point of purchase, but BMW won’t launch a new series for no reason, right?

  • Where is m340i built?

The m340i is developed and built in Germany and Mexico. Recently BMW granted its approval to assemble the XDrive in India as well.

  • Which one is worthy, m340i or 330i?

Other than price, the most significant difference between the two vehicles is horsepower. 330i comes with a 2.0 liter 225hp engine, whereas m340i is equipped with a 3.0 382hp monstrous engine. However, there are loads of similarities in these two cars, such as transmission, two-wheel driving, and body style. But, m340i is a class apart, and if you want a sport sedan, there shouldn’t be any second thoughts in selecting m340i as it literally covers all the aspects you can ever imagine; we think the additional $12,000 you spend totally worth it.

Final verdict

Considering all the features of the BMW m340i, we would say it is a strong contender to hold the crown of the mid-performance sport sedan niche. No, it’s not super-fast or super luxurious, but with the “somewhat affordable price”, m340i is a machine that is worth giving a shot. We are more than satisfied with the vehicle and tried our best to bring you an honest review of it. Let us know your take on the article via a comment, and do wander around our website for more content about vehicles. Cheers!


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