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Audi S stands for sports purposes. Although the earliest models served the sport-originated tasks, it is a known fact that these Audi S5 have now become something common in car market. But, the power, comfort, safety options, and even the exterior and interior designs have got so many influences.

When it comes to the year 2021, Audi Company has manufactured three car models belong to the S class AudiS5, Audi S5 Convertible, and Audi S5 Sportback. Although one of them serves the sport performance, you might realize that there have even economic concerns as well as purpose concerns. These reviews belong to three Audi S5models will probably be the best S models that Audi has ever created until 2022.

Audi S5 Sportback

This model has got more features than any other Audi S5 version8 in the previous years.  One of the most embracing features for the model is its smartphone interface feature. It has facilitated an awesome experience for an Audi rider.

Although other competitive models of Sedan have been blessed with similar features, it is the first time Audi got in touch with the Smartphone interface feature.  Similar to the interface users get to enjoy wireless Apple Play for a better experience. When it comes to the safety options, Audi S5 has got lane departure warning, toll-road payment transmission, and airbags for front passengers.

Although a heated steering wheel is available for this model, it has not been included in this version as a standard feature. Also, front and back parking sensors are for a driver as affordable features.

Audi S5 sportback

Engine and Performance

The model is equipped with 3.0 liters and a turbo V-6 supercharged engine. Unlike the previous versions, the 2021 Audi S5 Sportback model has got more torque than previous versions. Compared to the similar models belong to competitive brands in the market, Audi S5 Sportback can easily go past them on a highway. When it comes to fuel efficiency like matters, this model is indeed ahead of all other models. This car has been able to reach 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Even the Mustang latest models have taken more time compared to Audi S5 Sport back.

The Audi S5 has got eight gear automatic transmission system which brings an awful experience for the driver who favors a sport feeling.  But, the eight-gear transmission will relieve lots of pain for the feet as well.

As a driver, there will be plenty of things to enjoy in the transmission modes. The dynamic, auto, and comfort modes will take your commands to facilitate the optimum driving experience. For example, the driver is taken start to the 2nd gear when the vehicle is on the startup.

The Audi S5 Sportback model has got 19-inch performance tires to facilitate an off-road drive when it is necessary. Along with the adaptive dampers, the driver is made possible to have a smooth cornering a driver loves to have. As a person who is expecting lots of fuel economy, you will be disappointed for sure with this 2021 model. Although the previous S5 versions could maintain 24/30 mpg in town limits and highways, the latest model does have the 20/27 mpg become standard.  When it comes to the highways, a driver could be more hopeful than the provided values as well.

Interior Design

Although Audi S5 Sportback comes with a sporty approach, the best features include its interior design. It comes with the most expensive and top materials a modern car can have. The finish has provided a VIP result for the drivers. The appealing leather finish will be a thing that no one can forget. When it comes to the added features, the ergonomic-friendly design will facilitate a comfortable atmosphere for both mind and hands. Front seats consist of heating and massaging functions.

The three-zone climatic control system will be able to maintain the necessary atmosphere for the driver. Although the roofline area was less spacious, you can have enough view area in the sunroof to enjoy the sports drive you want to have. Cabin cab bears your phones, small makeup boxes water bottles, and chargers easily. But, you will not get enough space in the trunk due to the hatchback shape.

The infotainment system for Audi S5 2021 comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen that can manage all your infotainment purposes. Along with the Wireless Apple Car Play, an entertaining background is a constant for the model.  In addition to entertainment, wireless charging and navigation facilities have been set up in the car for a driver’s comfort. Typical facilities like Bluetooth connectivity and voice controls are also available for Audi S5 2021 sports model.

Safety options

Though the crash tests have not been conducted for the Audi S5 model, a driver gets plenty of safety options. This model comes with lane departure warning as standard safety features which means you don’t have to pay extra money when buying the car. Also, the front and rear automated braking safety option has been an awesome one for safety. Because the auto dual braking is coming along with 19-inch tires, safety will not have to be a concern regarding this car.

When it comes to safety on the same lane, blind-spot monitoring has been an awesome feature for the latest cars. Thanks to Audi, it has been delivered to this sports model concerning the safety of the passengers. 

Overall Car Score as An Audi 7.9/10

Overall Car Performance 8.1/10

2021 Audi S5

The Turbo V-6 power engine is something a car owner needs to experience at least once in his life. If you are an Audi person, this will have to be one of your choices because not just a single reason but so many things. When it comes to the car’s main features, safety has been provided for all the passengers equally. Although Audi S5 has been treated equally for the passengers in other products such as hatchback and sports versions, this will be a sporty, family, and comfortable car for the entire family. Although there are modified versions such as Sportback and cabriolet, this version will have to be a thing to try.

As a family man, the cargo is something you need to expect from a car for sure. Although it is a car from the S4 line, you will be able to get so many other premium features except the typical look. It is important to remember that the look is not always what you should be looking for in a car like Audi S5 2021.

2021 Audi S5

Engine and Performance

The Audi S5 model comes with a 3.0-liter V-6 supercharged engine along with some decent fuel economy. When it comes to horsepower, Audi S5 can serve 349 hp for your need. It means that this car has the absolute power to perform any kind of need you have. Although it is a safari in the mind, that will be a possible thing with this car. The Audi S5 car is controlled by an eight-speed automatic transmission which does serve as the simulation of a manual car. When it comes to its realistic features, Audi’s Quattro AWD system provides the necessary support for the driver.

The Audi S5 car has been tested the 60-mile speed margin in less than 5 seconds, being precisely able to reach 60 seconds just in 4.6 seconds, Audi S5 has been ranked among the best cars in the world. Although the same members such could have got to the top of the table such as Convertible and Sportback, the difference of the speed comparison will be nothing compared to them.

One of the most embracing features to be entitled to this model is the dynamic steering feature. It allows the driver to be more flexible with his speed control handling which means the quicker the steering is handled, the more the care will turn. However, some negative feedbacks have been assigned for the feature. Therefore, as a driver for family, that will not be something to enjoy for you.

2021 Audi S5 has got amazing news for drivers in the fuel economy. When it comes to the city, the car can serve up to 20 mpg and it will be 27 out of the city.  If the convertible is one of your choices, the difference will be maximized up to 1mpg.

Interior Design

The comfort and the interior of the Audi S5 are superb ones in the Audi S5 line. It has got a soft touch in the interior handling which makes it a nice place for both you and your family. Having too much expensive material is a thing that a family man has to bother like always. However, Audi has specially designed their dashboard for the standard version. The dashboard has got a laser precision nature that can astonish the visitors. Therefore, you will get a specially designed user-friendly interior that is easy-to-clean. Power adjustable seats are for the front passengers to make them much comfortable. When it comes to rear seats, they are comfortable too.

Other typical S5 features such as their zone climatic control, heat supply, head massage functions are available for the front seats. When compared to other models in the S5 line of 2021, the S5 standard version has got the most luggage space when compared to cabriolet and sport back versions.

The infotainment system has been introduced over a 10.1-inch touchscreen. It is responsive for both voice and steering controls. Since all other versions have got the support of Apple Car Play and Android Auto integration for a better experience. When it comes to the surround sound system, 705-watt Bang & Olufsen audio system will be a great experience for the users.

Safety Options

The Audi S5 car has enabled keyless entry for security. Also, several standard safety options are available for both drivers and passengers. The lane departure warning will let the driver know about the situation. Similar to that, the blind spot monitoring feature has been included as a safety option. The driver will be notified regarding the passengers in the screening area of the vehicle. In addition to the adaptive cruise control feature and emergency braking will make something safe for the driver.

Overall Car Score as An Audi – 8.2/10

Overall Car Performance – 8.1/10

2021 Audi S5 Cabriolet (Convertible)

If there is a special thing for an Audi lover that will probably be the 2021 Audi S5 Convertible. It has been a version that comes along with so many additional features. It has got a smart cabin, an elegant dashboard, and extra added safety features that have made this model the Audi of 2021.

Although the 3.0-liter V9 turbocharged engine is as same as other models, the modified shape and reduced weight-like factors have been able to make a difference. It will be enough to imagine about a moment when you go past a mountain along with a cool breeze to feel how crucial it is to sit on an Audi s% convertible model. Most of the negative feedbacks have stated that this model does have a small trunk. But, truly, it has got enough space when compared to BMW series 04.

The convertible model has got plenty of new options regarding its interface as well. The wireless Apple Car play might add an extra motive for the driver. Along with the standard lane departure warming-like features, the 2021 Audi S5 Convertible bears front/rear parking sensors and heated steering wheels for a safe drive.

Audi convertible
Audi S5 Convertible

Engine and Performance

The vehicle is powered up with a 3l turbocharged V6 TFSI engine which can generate 349 horsepower. Even if the dimensions and the structure of the engine suppose similar performance like other models do, it doesn’t. The car can reach up to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds.

When it comes to its top speed, the 2021 Audi S5 Cabriolet can reach 155mph within a short time. But as a driver, you need to remember that the model has different sped levels with and without the roof. The 8 levels automatic transmission will be a nice fixture for the model as it facilitates the necessary freedom while driving the car. Also, the cornering has been a joyful experience with the modified vehicle frame. Since convertibility is always precious while driving, cornering will be something new. 

Exterior Design

Unlike the standard and the Sportback models, this Audi S5 Convertible model has got impressive exterior features. The Honeycomb Single frame grille made of the aluminum optic is one of the key features of this model. It has been able to bring a revolutionary appearance to the model. Other than that, smaller 18-inch wheels will not be noticeable.

When compared to other models, that will bother when traveling off-road. However, it is important to note that the expected speed has been achievable thanks to its body shape and the reduced wheel size.  Smart Matrix-design LED uses the Audi specialized laser technology for proper clearance in the street. The almost 180 angle front lights will be an extreme experience at night. The Audi company has especially had their second thoughts on a panoramic view even at the night. When it comes to the roof, all you have to do to drop or raise is just pushing a button. It’s that simple.

Interior Design

The “Nappa leather” has been used along with diamond stitching for a perfectly finished design in the end for Audi S5 Convertible or Cabriolet. When it comes to the front passengers, the car has facilitated 12-way power-adjustable seats for a comfortable drive. The most important thing regarding the Audi S5 convertible model is its rear seats. They also have the necessary comfort for the passengers even being a convertible model. Heating and massage functions have been included as standard features. The good padding that has been used for the finishing, is almost perfect when compared to other versions of Audi S5 as well.

Cargo space is one of the things a passenger does have to bother as it only lets 10.9 cubic feet for the transportation. As a person who intends to buy a car, you will have to remember that space will not be sufficient if you go out for a week or two. However, as an enjoyable driver, the rear seats will almost be free when going for a vacation. It means you might find enough space for a couple in the car. When it comes to the glove box, the driver will find plenty of space in there. Other than that, there are space reservations for cup holding and phone holding. It is better to have cup holders in the rear seats to provide a maximized comfort.

Infotainment System

The logically concerned infotainment system of Audi’s is known as the MMI touch display. It consists of a 10.1-inch color display. The elegant graphics and menu bars will let the handler go find options and quickly make himself comfortable with the interface.

Apple car play, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and language preferences will emerge as the most elegant features. When selecting the audio system, the standard speaker system consists of a ten-speaker sound system with 180 watts while a user can install 755-watt Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system with 20 speakers around the interior. It is always better to have a modified and increased audio backup for a better experience.

Safety Options

The Audi S5 Cabriolet car has got all the standard safety options an Audi has such as lane departure warning, cruise control, high beam alert, rearview camera. Parking sensors and blind-spot monitoring sensors will always try to keep the driver off the collisions.

When it comes to its utmost feature it has got rain sensors which allow you to save the interior from rain. Although the passenger is in his seat or not, the car will save itself from rain. The front and side dual airbag couples will bring the necessary protection from the collision. The rear passengers will get side airbags for protection. Although the ratings have not been given yet, it will get the necessary safety for the passengers. If you are going to purchase the premium packages, you will get a top-view camera and a detection-sensitive steering wheel for extra safety.

Overall Car Score as An Audi – 8.7/10

Overall Car Performance – 8.4/10

General Review

An Audi is always a blessing for a driver who expects luxury privileges.  When it comes to Audi S models, they are known for their own larger alloy wheels, increased horsepower, and plenty of safety options. Although these three models have not been rated yet it is always predictable that all of them will serve the best safety for both driver and passengers.

If you are looking for a car that can provide the contribution for your family that will always have to be a standard Audi S. When it comes to luxurious traveling needs, the convertible model will do it. It is important to remember that the convertible version cannot fulfil much of the space requirement as well as the off-road experience. If your expectation is passion, the Sport back will do that. But the oil economy will always be a minus regarding the Audi S5 Sportback.


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