The show-stopping Acura advanced sports car concept made its world debut with the 2007 North American international auto show. The dynamically styled concept provides a preview of the planning direction for your own successor to firmly the Acura NSX.

Created to firmly take exotic sports car styling to firmly a whole new level, the concept is designed to firmly incorporate a strong front-mounted, V-10 engine and a whole new high-performance, rear-wheel-drive primarily based version of Acura’s exclusive super handling all-wheel drive.

The Acura brand can invariably be a home for people that love to firmly drive. We will let you know what are the best performance features of this Acura concept sports car.

Performance of Acura Concept Sports Car

The Acura Concept Sports Car is supposed to be the successor to the famous Acura NSX. But this dynamically styled concept car is far more than what would expect. Basically created for the exotic supercar category, the Acura concept car was designed to house a very powerful V-10 engine.

Mounted on the front, the engine is expected to create ripples not only in the air the surrounds the engine as it revs to its limit but it will send ripples to the whole high-performance car categories. Manufacturers will further realize that the whole car industry is never sedentary and things always move forward.

Acura Concept Sports Car

Aside from that powerful V10, the new Acura also boasts of their new rear wheel driven version of Acura´s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). Everything about the Acura car reflects the fusion of advanced technology and passion for absolute performance and quality.

Other features of the concept car are ABS, vented disc/vented disc for braking system, tires for the front are 255/40 R19 and for the rear 295/35 R20, and dimensions were measured to be 181.5 x 78.6 x 48.1 feet.

Not only does the engine, the braking system and the rear-wheel-drive technology stop you at your tracks, but the outside appearance of this sports car will give you quivers of anticipation. The outside of the 2007 Acura concept car is a dynamic synthesis of technology and emotions. It´s like watching a drama unfolding before your eyes, or something like that. The long hood of the sports car is filled with deep, sculpted lines and is embossed with air vents, an obvious indication of how powerful the engine is below. The same lines and contours run to the side of the sports car´s body, to the arches of rear wheels which suggest fluidity and aggressiveness. But, even if it looks futuristic some of the features of the supercar were actually taken from the 1st generation Acura NSX.

Exterior Features of Acura Concept Sports Car

Specs also include a 108.8 inch or 2,763mm wheelbase. The concept car will have 19-inch performance front tires and 20-inch ones at the rear. Tires will be mounted on custom made billet-machined, polished wheels made of aluminium that will hide all the power, ventilated disc brakes made of carbon-ceramic, as well as 8-piston callipers.

When you turn the concept sports car over and examine the under chassis, you are supposed to find a carbon fibre underbody. The door handles are flush mounted to maintain that neat, sleek look. Also, another reason is to increase or maximize the supercar´s aerodynamic design. The rear is also finished with assertive looking quad exhaust pipes and well-integrated (for higher performance) rear diffusers.


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