2006 Mitsubishi Raider: A Rebadged Delight!
2006 Mitsubishi Raider: A Rebadged Delight!

If you somehow managed to analyze the new Mitsubishi Raider, your eyes would view the obvious ternion logo focused in its husky looking grille. as you let your eyes run the full length of the truck’s body and investigate its styling signs, you would see something expected, yet recognizable. In fact, aside from some body and lodge changes, the Raider is no ifs or buts a Dodge Dakota. Indeed, the tables have been turned around and Mitsubishi’s truck is currently a Dodge rather than the reverse way around. Past the conspicuous likenesses, there are few contrasts between the models that give the Raider a uniqueness the entirety of its own.

Back during 1970s and 1980s when Chrysler required little vehicles and trucks to round out its constrained line up, the organization tapped its business relationship with Mitsubishi. Remembered for the blend was a little get truck, most as of late the D50. When Chrysler built up the medium sized Dakota during the late 1980s, the requirement for the little Mitsubishi truck diminished and by mid 1990s the D50 was no more.

Mitsubishi as far as concerns its has for quite some time been a manufacturer of little trucks, however as the automaker sold vehicles in the North American market, its line up has developed considerably. Interest for a little Mitsubishi get truck dropped so the “Mighty Max” was ended from its line up. In the long run, the automaker chose to collaborate with DaimlerChrysler to sell rebadged Dakotas as Raiders.

The relationship is keen as the Raider fills a void for Mitsubishi while permitting DaimlerChrysler to keep its truck building limit high. As odd as the relationship may appear, Isuzu and General Motors both sold in U.S. are rebadged GMC trucks.

Things being what they are, what separates the Raider from the agreement, especially its Dodge cousin? Cost for one. Beginning at around $19,000, the truck is evaluated as low as a portion of the littler trucks available including the well known Toyota Tacoma. Obviously, Mitsubishi needed to have a passage level model to fulfill the anticipated need. Truly, stripped-down forms of the Tacoma can be substantially less, yet that is the thing that you get, no-frills. There is no four-chamber Raider sold, you either get a 210 h-p V6 or a husky 230 h-p V8 to control your Raider. The V8 is particularly speaking to the individuals who tow as its pulling limit is a good 6500 lbs. Tranny decisions incorporate either 4 or 5-speed automatics or a 6-speed manny tranny.

The Raider comes as either 4×2 or  4×4 designs. Seating limit can be as high as six travelers despite. the fact that you wouldn’t be as open to riding in a Raider/Dakota with six individuals as you would be in a full estimated Ram.

What numerous Raider fans will like is the additional consideration Mitsubishi provided for the inside. In contrast to the Dakota, the Raider accompanies trim highlights more similar to a vehicle than to a get truck. Sirius satellite radio, Alpine speakers, the front can seat with warmed calfskin surfaces, and force everything are a portion of the highlights that make the Raider considerably more than a truck.

Ten years after the last “Mighty Max” get trucks were sold by Mitsubishi, another truck has entered the overlay on account of a significant relationship with DaimlerChrysler. Maybe the accomplishment of this relationship will bring forth extra model sharing. Might we be able to see a rebadged Dodge Ram before long sold as a Mitsubishi? In nowadays of broad model sharing, the sky is the limit.


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